Worship Weekend: You Reign!

transitionourgodreigns Hi Everybody!

I was sitting here thinking of what I want to write. Actually, I’ve been wanting to write for quite sometime however, I’m working on a personal project right now hence the lack of blogging. This year has been full of ups and downs for myself and I’m sure for other people. The one thing I believe that needs to be addressed is to never lose hope. Hope is the one thing that keeps you fighting. The question lies in where do you put your hope? where do you put your faith? I put my faith in Jesus, because when I consider, having lost a job right before Easter this year and then gaining a better one after what seemed to be more than 6 months of unemployment, only to lose my grandmother during my second week of starting the new job. I felt like the bad seemed to be outweighing the good. One thing I believed throughout my trials is to keep my hope and faith alive. God comforted me when I lost my job, when I lost my grandma and now I don’t even have a car….in many respects, I could very well have lost my mind…but God kept me. The way I see it, He Reigns in my life as the God who lifts me up when I’m down, He is my provider, my Father and my Friend. I can quote scripture on here until I’m blue, but I feel lead to say that to anybody reading this, no matter what you are going through… Keep your faith alive, keep your hope in the Lord. The trial that you face today may make you see things dimly, but trust God and He will walk you through it. You are not alone. God is with you even if you can’t see Him. You can’t put your trust in people or things, because these things can be taken away and people can fail you, but God says, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

I can testify and say that when I heard that my Grandma had passed away, my heart was completely broken. No one can truly understand what she meant to me. A lot of people can be insensitive and act like “well she’s in heaven now, so isn’t that a good thing?” like as if I should be instantaneously happy and not have room to be sad. It is true that she is there, but for the people left behind, the loss is real. I’m sorry if my grief disturbs their spirit…but I cannot pretend to act like all is well in the world when to me my heart is broken.  That’s when I began to see people in a different light…it’s amazing what you can learn when you experience grief. It seems that in such moments you see people for who they truly are like as if a veil has been lifted from your eyes. Compassion was absent for many that heard the news and for those that did care, I acknowledge with gratitude and a new found appreciation for the Lord opening up my eyes to see the true hearts of people.

I read somewhere recently that when a person experiences a death, you will see people for who they truly are for one, and that many of God’s generals are propelled into their destiny after such an event occurs. I pray that I am being propelled into destiny. The way I see it now…you will see things more clearly in and through tragedy. I appreciate things in life that I once took for granted. I have also noticed that my discernment has sharpened extremely that I am amazed of what I’m seeing now that I didn’t really understand before.

Time is a transient thing, but when you understand that the time you have right now is really in God’s hands, you can be assured that when you trust Him and His ways of doing things, God will help you accomplish what you were called to do. I’ve come to a place where you have to consider that at this moment, your life affects the destinies of others. You are not here just to occupy space, God has a plan for your life and it is time to step into where God calls you to be. You have no time to make sense of the journey, neither do you have the time to make people understand the things that God wants you to do, but all you have to do is listen to Him just like Moses did, and say “HERE I AM LORD”.

Are you listening?

You are a deliverer in your generation.

I love being a worshiper and I love worshiping God. I remember coming for a praise team practice and tried to sing in my grief over losing my Grandma. I cried during that practice….but a sound came out of my mouth I had never heard before. It was the sound of true worship. Worshiping from the deep calling unto the deep. I know that it’s easy to sing when we are happy, but what about the times when grief has its grip on you. That same week I came to worship and praised God on a Sunday service as I ministered with the praise team and choir behind us. I worshiped knowing that the people in the pew don’t know what my struggle with grief was, because they all have their own problems that their dealing with. What they need is a sound that gives them hope. I began to praise God in my grief, and I knew from that point on…that worship for me had changed in that I had a deeper understanding and revelation of it. I worship God because He is God. He deserves our praise, He deserves everything because He has given me life with a new meaning. He that gives life is able to take it away…but for us, He came to resurrect our dead selves so that we could Live with Him again.

I had a dream, that my Grandma was in Heaven shortly after her passing. It gave me Hope, but I knew that I had to shape up. I had to move on, and take on the baton and start to re-prioritize my life and make God really important to me. I know what my spiritual giftings are and God will make room for me to flow freely with them, but the one thing that the Lord has been telling me as of late is that He seeks OBEDIENCE. And when I say obedience…I mean not just for me but from all His people that are called by His name.rain_and_tears_by_voltuzaidi-d5j2yl3

How many of you want to obey God when He calls out your name?

Many of us profess to love Him, but do not do as He says. As a Watchwoman, I have sounded many alarms, but not many want to listen. Those that do are running in the right direction and are prospering. What I find really intriguing is that as a Watchwoman, I have found that those that believe in what I hear in terms of guidance or warnings are not even Christian and yet they run with it and prosper.Then there are Christians I have spoken to who lack ears to hear and continue to do their own thing. From what I’ve seen from these individuals, they are facing unnecessary problems that could have been avoided had they chosen to listen attentively rather than with skepticism and unbelief.

God has shown me that obedience is better than sacrifice. People labor, but labor in vain because listening to what God has to say is just too trivial for them.

If faith comes by hearing….then why are many people ignoring????

At the present time, I feel that those that listen will prosper and God will be faithful to those that are faithful towards Him. Many Christians at this time, need to go back to the basics and understand that Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone. Do not be like the builders that rejected Him. The foundations of this world are literally held in His hands. God is seeking a church that will learn to make it a priority to build a House of PRAYER, a house that understands the meaning of consecration, a house that does not make men or women or things as idols that steal your attention from hearing from God. Those that mock these basic fundamentals are those that have put objects before them as their God and will make fun of Prayer.

The power of the praying Church can take down storms that ravage a country if only the church believed.

I feel like I’ve rambled, but what I will say is that if God is not a priority in your life right now, you are traveling on a perilous journey right now. You won’t know how to distinguish what is right and wrong and will stumble into things that will make you waver between various opinions (mans opinion). God wants you to listen to Him, but it’s up to us to decide that we want to Listen to Him in our personal lives.

Also, one more thing I want to say to close off in my ramblings for tonight is that, You have to learn to be happy for others when something good is happening in their lives. You have to learn to comfort others when something bad is going on in their lives. The Christ in us which is the HOPE of Glory seeks to be the answer for other peoples need. You see, the thing is we ask too many questions that we want God to answer for us that we don’t take the time to be the answer that God created us to be for someone else. You are the answer to another persons question. When a person is in pain, you are their comfort, when someone is feeling low, you are their encouragement… when a person is hungry, feed them, when a person is naked, clothe them, when someone is happy you  are their rejoicing buddy…when someone is grieving you are their shoulder to cry on… May we never be too self-centered to see how we are the solution to another persons need. You are important and your destiny is connected to another person and other people. Pray to God to help you fulfill your destiny and learn to bend towards God’s will and move when God tells you to Move. Other peoples lives are depending on your level of Obedience to God. Never forget that.

Today, I’m posting a song from the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International called You Reign! May this song Bless Your Spirit today everybody!

Merry Christmas Eve Worship: It’s Not Over!

Merry Christmas Eve Everybody!

I realize that although this is a time of family and fellowship for many of us celebrating the season of Jesus Christ’s birth and life, there are people out there that are going through some hard times in this season of celebration. So this song that I’m posting by Israel & New Breed (feat. James Fortune  and Jason Nelson) called It’s Not Over is to encourage the lonely, the hurting and the ones who need a song to uplift their spirit. God is with you even when you think He isn’t in your present situation. God is in your situation. God we help you come through whatever trial you are going through because God loves you. He will send you the answers you are looking for even when you think you can’t find them. Many are going through “WHY????” seasons…but God can turn around that “Why?” into a “Because” and be the answer you need while you are asking questions. Though we see dimly the light shines through the darkness and that Light that you seek whether you realize it or not is through our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. God Bless you everybody and may this song minister to the broken-hearted during this season. God has not forgotten you.

Seeking Validation in the Wrong Places – A Love-Starved World

I think at times we don’t really understand why some people do the things they do because we tend to judge them before learning to understand them and their circumstances. I find that even I get caught up with that behavior in that I too sometimes  judge a person by first impressions…but I have to take a step back and ask myself  “Do first impressions always give you a full picture concerning that person?” I have come to realize that it’s not always the case so I have learned to take time to assess people and always give a person a benefit of a doubt before I reach a conclusion about a persons behavior and character as an individual. Sometimes people act up during the first meeting because of a situation that arose earlier in their day before they came into contact with you and it may give you a lasting impression, but it may not necessarily be an accurate impression of them either because it may have just been an emotional outburst as a result of an earlier confrontation and yet we write these people off so easily, but GOD doesn’t.






I think that if we want to understand people we have to learn to listen to them to avoid misunderstandings and develop a level of compassion that allows us to give people a chance to show us who they really are inside.  I know that I have spoken a lot concerning  sharpening your discernment in some of my posts, but it’s not always about learning how to discern who your enemies are from your friends; sometimes it’s about discerning the root issue of someones behaviour that manifests in their character. This level of discernment is beneficial to us in that it helps in terms of mentoring someone or counseling someone effectively to receive healing and deliverance in their situations provided that we have a level of patience and compassion with dealing with these personalities. We shouldn’t put people into a box and categorize them as write-offs when God never wrote you off when you were cantankerous and rude and not with it.

Love covers a multitude of sin (1 Peter 4:8).

I often reflect on the different personalities that I encounter in my daily life such as those who are quiet, shy, talkative, narcissistic, arrogant, clingy, needy etc, and I find that they all have one thing in common, and that is that they all seek some level of validation  in many different ways from people. I’m not going to over- generalize and say all these personalities do this; however, I do find that with the ones I have encountered in my walk, they display many of these traits born out of some level of personal insecurity that they are dealing with. Their need to be validated is manifested by their actions, typically displayed in their treatment towards themselves and others; most of which manifest negatively in feedback.

Examples of this could be:

A gang member who feels that need to confront anyone violently who stares at them the “wrong way” (from their perspective), or the woman who brags about her possessions to others, or the young girl who gives herself away to any man willing to give her attention, or the young boy smoking drugs with his friends in order to “fit in” the crowd, or the man who competes in conversations to prove that he is “right” or more knowledgeable than his peers about a topic, or the child that is “acting out” by being overtly disobedient to instruction as a means of seeking attention and the list goes on.

These are different examples stemming from that level of insecurity exhibited by negative behavioural actions rooted from that general need of validation from others. I do recognize that there are exceptions to the rule, but for the sake of this post I’m just listing these as potential examples regarding the relationship between insecurity and the need of validation from people.

Some of the reasons that come to my mind as to why such insecure individuals do things by pursuing activities or groups to find that validation could be factored by a number of things.

To name a few, it could be because:

1. They have not experienced True Love at home or at anytime in their life;

2. The have experienced Rejection on multiple occasions;

3. Victimization – they have suffered abuse in their life – mental, physical, sexual, spiritual; or

4. Suffered Abandonment – from family members or friends or significant peers/mentors.

5. They are Bitter because they have not forgiven or received some sort of closure acceptable enough to let go of the past.

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list, these factors are things I have noticed with the people I have encountered in my walk. At some level, I am able to identify with some of these areas on a personal level which is why I think that we have to learn what it means to cultivate an attitude of compassion, empathy and most importantly LOVE.  

Jesus commands us to “love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12),  but we all have developed ways of being selective in who we display our love to. I know that I’m a guilty party to this so I won’t hide that or excuse it. On the other hand, I do come across some challenging individuals that really test me and you know, it’s at these times that God calls us to really reflect His image towards such people and that is something I’m still working on. I know I have my own baggage and I have come to realize that I’m not the only one who is carrying bags. Whether you are a minister in church at any capacity or just an ordinary Joe on the street going about your business, I challenge you to be an example of God’s Love for people, Starting Today.

I remember this saying that comes from a well known song: “We are known to be Christians by our LOVE”.

Love is an attitude displayed by both Actions and Words.

1 Corinthians 13:13 (NKJV):
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. [Emphasis added].

Many atrocities continue in our world today because we lack compassion to bring about change. A quote that comes to mind in reflection of this is that: “For Evil to Triumph, all it needs is for Good men/women to do nothing”. I don’t want to reflect this truth. Let’s stand against the grain and be the change that this world needs to see. Let’s admit that we live in a LOVE-STARVED world. Let’s feed this Hungry world with LOVE. We can start by showing love one person at a time. Set aside your prejudices and allow acceptance to welcome those different from yourself into your life. God accepted us as we are, we should do the same to others.  Many people experience rejection because they are not accepted for their differences and weaknesses by others. Let’s not judge people too quickly for their appearances and look at the HEART of the individual.

Love doesn’t discriminate, it is an acceptor of ALL persons (Believe it or not).

We have a general tendency to judge people by their appearances and negate that it’s the heart that we need to reach. I know that this is hard to believe, but God loves everyone including wicked people. Jesus healed the ear of the servant of the High Priest that was cut off during the time of His arrest while knowing full well that it was Judas who had betrayed Him (Luke 22:47-51). This story always challenges me every time when I meditate on it in that I know I have to get to that place to set aside bitterness, hatred, and anger and learn that Jesus could still Love someone who was his closest companion and yet was the very same one that betrayed Him for only thirty pieces of silver coins (Matthew 27:9). I know that people tend to forget this part of the story, but Judas later on committed suicide because of the guilt and shame of what he had done against his friend, Jesus (Matthew 27: 3-5). I often wonder, had the disciples forgiven their brother Judas Iscariot and sought him out to minister their forgiveness, would such a tragedy have been prevented? It is NOT God’s will that any should Perish but have everlasting life (John 3:15-16; 2 Peter 3:9).

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love; but perfect love castout fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. [Emphasis added]

Likewise, we have to increase our Faith level to develop our Love level for people to produce HOPE in this Love-Starved World.

Suffering can be diminished when we increase our capacity to care for others as we love ourselves.  Let’s start changing ourselves to become the Loving image of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s put a stop to evil and overcome evil with GOOD. 

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