Today’s Contemplation – July 19, 2011

African Qoutes and Proverbs that inspire me:

“A proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure does not prick its pride.”

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

“It is not work that kills, but worry.”

“The end of an ox is beef, and the end of a lie is grief.”

    “When a king has good counselors, his reign is peaceful.”

     “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled.”

      “You must judge a man by the work of his hands.”

Why list these proverbs as food for thought on a wonderful Tuesday morning? Because I feel like the inspiration of wisdom breeds a well rounded soul. I think about a lot of things and I seek to be a wise woman even in pursuit of more knowledge. We take life for granted and we don’t take enough time for self reflection, so  what I sometimes end up doing is I look up inspirational qoutes for the day as a means of gaining some perspective of where I am in life today, especially when things seem so monotonous and unchanging with so much work and not enough play.

Words of wisdom set a balance to fill ones soul with a dose of positivity and as a wannabe-writer that seeks to inspire many one day, writing out my thoughts seems to be the one way to add some flavour to my creativity. This is just an exercise and well, it seems to be working for me. I’m all about motivation and positive thinking and I’m not to saying that people never experience certain draw backs in life, dissappointments or obstacles, but it is all in how you look at something that’s in front of you. The analogy of the half full or half empty glass will determine the line of thinking that you cultivate in your everyday life.  It’s all based on your perception. Hope to have a positive outlook on life rather than singing tunes of an overt cynic. Postive minded people often achieve their dreams and inspire all. They give us that “looking forward to great things” kind of feeling.

Seeing more than the possible and exploring the impossible are facets of an over achiever and are tenets of a successful person.  Such individuals should be admired if you truly think of what they are capable of accomplishing; however, for those that can only complain about the present obstacles or gripe about how something is unattainable or unachievable, they are the first to fall into that path of ignorance that breeds negativity, coveteousness and ingratitude for the present things that the do have and also take for granted. In my perspective, these are the type of folks to ignore and bypass in your life. In your walk to an enlightened path that seeks to reach beyond your limits, you have to escape from accepting the norm and learn to evolve your  line of thinking by becoming the exception to the rule. Jealousy of anothers ability to achieve greatness is a sad state to be in. It is a poisonous and infectious attitude that needs to be thwarted when detected. When a person decides to accept the obstacles that lay before them and prefers to accept their “comfort zone” (which is an obstacle by the way), they ignore the fact that they have the option and ability to “step out” into unchartered territory and gain higher ground if only they could choose to reach for it. The key here is that you can design your  own destiny and no one else can determine it for you accept you.

I cannot understand why some people start the “hatin'” games against those who pursue their dreams and achieve them when they also have the ability to do the same thing but obviously choose not to. Be weary of such inidividuals in your life that have the “It can’t be done” type of mentality or the cynic that dashes your dreams with negative remarks or comments about your dreams. You are the paint brush to your future and you create the picture that you choose to see. If you accept the words of the pessimist or the cynic, your canvass will remain empty. Don’t drop your dreams just because a non-dreamer leeching around you can’t paint. You are the artist, paint your world!

 I have encountered a few pests in my life and have realised that you can’t please everyone and not everyone will be happy about your successes in your life. Some can be friends that turn into frenemies and even family members can turn sour in the wake of your achievements. When you start to move up in the world, you will notice that your friend pools start to shrink and in some cases, many can’t reach the heights that you are climbing. You will also notice that your true friends always treat you as they always would have and accept the changes you encounter in your life. They are the ones that will stand by you through the thick and thin and are the kinds that congradulate your success and cry with you when you suffer loss or failure. Weed out the pests in your life! Pests like to feed on others success and drain you of nourishment like a vampire that feeds on blood. These pests do this as a means of feeling “better about themselves” and often times avoid looking in the mirror. It is a selfish, self-motivated activity that benefits no one, including the pest. That’s why you have to sift your friend pool so that you have what you need and get rid of the squatters that don’t add to your life.

Look always for the positives so that when you encounter a negative, you have something that you can be grateful for because sometimes your positives outweigh your negatives if you shift your mindset to think this way. Think about it and marinate in it. Registered & Protected

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