The White Crystal Path

A poem for all the snow lovers out there. It hasn’t snowed much this year where I live and as much as I am happy about it, I can feel the sadness of those that yearn for it like a much awaited event. I guess I cannot ignore how much people seem to love  the thrill of seeing it in this part of the hemisphere. I’ve lived in the northern hemisphere for most of my life and I still can’t get over how much I dislike the trouble of it but I do admit that it is indeed a beautiful sight once it has settled neatly on the ground without disruption. Enjoy everyone!



The White Crystal Path

Crystals of ice, blanket the ground

with clandestine shimmers of glitter,

sparkling colour of joy

on a dark road that was once left naked.

The white leafed clovers of the sky,

drop melodically down to embrace the earth

with its tranquil chills of happiness

that stills the tears that come from its rain.

This white crystal path that lay before me,

a mountain of glass that shone so brightly,

sprinkling all over me and with wonderment I freeze,

at the path that has laid before me to clean;

Instead I stare at it as it gleams.

The solemn path that was once there,

 has disappeared from my very own eyes,

as this white crystal path has brought a new light,

that children sing merrily as they pick up these precious glasses of dew,

that when rolled into one become truffles of desire,

thrown at each other as they prance around this path.

The journey of a thousand globes of pearlesque sand,

has enriched this dark evening with a circus dance,

that lifts many spirits into a flowing stance,

with arms lifted higher to recieve these pearls of sand,

rain from the sky, create this crystal path,

as we watch it glaze over this predestined road.

(c) 2011 Sherline N.T. Registered & Protected

6 thoughts on “The White Crystal Path

  1. Take the time and look at pictures of snow flakes under a microscope, You will see God. I looked at pictures of snowflakes, it made me weep, it will blow your mind. It is said that each one is unique, like us. We come from the Un-created God, Eternal and Awesome. Snowflakes speak in volumes, the Glory of God.


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