Getting over Procrastination – A Book Promo

I just caught wind of this book Today as I was searching on some different material and as part of character building it’s always great to research on different avenues of improving our Focus on the daily matters such as Organization.I’m sharing the Video because it spoke to me on so many levels about Procrastination. I admit, there are areas in my life that I could definitely improve upon and especially with the whole idea of me wanting to write a book, this appealed to me. I hope that this motivates you as much as it did me. Let’s continue to learn ways of improving our habits to maintain a proper focus and become more orderly rather than frolicking in chaos. It’s all about transforming our thought patterns through self-examination of the areas that we need to improve in order to move forward.

Consider the things we put on hold to the very last minute…and when do we ever get to doing them exactly?

Sometimes the regrets we have in life are a result of the things we didn’t do now.

It’s highly amusing and I am sure it will bless your heart to see this vid.

3 thoughts on “Getting over Procrastination – A Book Promo

  1. I was just speaking of this yesterday. My comment was that I work best under pressure. Is that true and does it just sound good? Something I need to pray about, seriously pray.


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