The King of Glory

Hello Peeps!

I have two amazing songs sung by Todd Dulaney to bless your spirit today. The first song sung by Todd Dulaney feat. Shana Wilson-Williams is called King of Glory. Christmas is just around the corner with less than 6 days left! The world received the most amazing gift that all mankind needed more than 2000 years ago, which was our Saviour Jesus Christ. Though this is an amazing season to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, some people maybe going through a rough season this Christmas, so rather than focusing on simply buying presents for people (only), think about what ways you can bring Christmas to people who maybe going through a series of unfortunate events such as those who may have lost a loved one, or are going through sickness or financial problems, familial strife, etc.

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Image result for bible facebook bannerLet us not be self-absorbed and learn to extend your heart and hands to give people hope this Christmas and turn their sorrow into Joy. I believe that God wants to bring Joy where there is mourning in people’s lives and to bring encouragement and hope where others may feel hopelessness and filled with despair. I’m particularly thankful for this month of December this year since last December I was hospitalized and can’t remember what Christmas I had last year.

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Jesus said to him, “I am the waythe truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. – John 14:6

I'm Out Eve

“I’m living my life like it’s Golden”Jill Scott

I praise God for helping me get healed from a viral infection of the brain that caused me to lose a significant amount of my short-term memories and has worked me hard this year to regain them through hard work, perseverance and because of having a praying family. Last year could have been my last year on Earth, but God rescued me and revived me from what could have been a really bad situation. I could have completely lost all my memories and probably would have been unable to regain my sense of self. That is why I want God to receive the highest praise everyday and especially during this Christmas season as we remember the reason for the season. Jesus Christ is Lord over my life and I pray that as we go through this Christmas season, we can be the Hands and Feet of Jesus doing good wherever we go, especially when we have the opportunity to do so. I pray that the first song I have posted today uplifts your spirits today.

The second song also sung by Todd Dulaney is called Stand Forever. I pray that this song also blesses your Spirit today. Be encouraged and God Bless You Everybody! 😀

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