Come to the Table

Hello Peeps!

I just had to post this song by the Sidewalk Prophets called Come to the Table. I like the fact that Jesus allowed his disciples to sit with Him at the same table with all of their imperfections and all and just fellowship with one another. None of the disciples were perfect and some of them tended to be self-righteous and judgmental. Regardless of that fact, Jesus embraced all of them and mentored each one of them because He loved them all unconditionally. As Christians, we have to learn to love in this manner. I can testify that it isn’t always easy to love everybody, because we too have our own imperfections and weaknesses that we need to deal with; however, having said that though, we can still strive to demonstrate a Christ-like love to everyone we encounter. We can only grow in our faith when we increase in our capacity to love and extend our love to others who seem loveless and soulless.

Love does not discriminate, it embraces all that are willing to receive it. Personally, I still feel like I’m working on this “Christ-like” love in my daily walk. I do get people that challenge me, but this is how God shows me what I need to do in order to be more like Him. When I recognize the areas I fall short, grace allows me to grow and show compassion to those seemingly not deserving of it. Agape love is no simple feat since it’s an ongoing process to grow from love to love to the point where it becomes second nature to operate in that realm where Jesus was able to demonstrate it throughout all His actions. May we strive to be more like Jesus everyday, Amen. I pray that this song blesses Your spirit today. God Bless you everybody! 😀

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