2 thoughts on “As it is (In Heaven)

  1. Hey, will you please email me. I was led to one of your posts today, dated 11/07/2011 “The Importance of Detecting False Humility,” I dont read blogs, and yours actually is the first one I have read. I came across it in a google search as it was the last item on page and now I am writing to you because I need help, and I hope that you may have a word for me. I definetly saw parts of myself in much of your writing, and I certainly do not want to be on that boat at all! I was saved nearly two years ago, and since than, I have grown much in my relationship with Christ. Exponentally so in the last 5 or 6 months. Naturally, because the Lord has been revealing my heart and flesh to me in greater measure during these days and I have been seeking His clarity on some things today He may have wiped a layer of film from my eyes. I hope to hear from you, thank you for doing what you do.


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