Plastic Jesus – Are we “Real” or “Fake”?

Hello All,

I know I already posted some videos on my blog for today but I just wanted to post one more video just to get you thinking about how “for real” you are in your walk with the Lord? We cannot afford to be pretentious Christians that claim to be Christians in “Name Only” but not demonstrating it through our “ACTIONS”. Our Faith needs to match our actions with our words because many unbelievers can pick up on the fact when somebody is a hypocrite. I don’t believe in “selling” our faith to non-believers, I believe in living out what we believe through our actions so that when we speak of Jesus to others who don’t have a relationship with God, they can truly say, “You’re different from other people”, and that’s because our faith must match our actions.

So today, do some self-analysis and consider that the best form of evangelism, is faith-based actions of believers. What you do on the basis of your actions has more impact than what you claim to say that you do through your words. People aren’t stupid. People can tell who is “for real” from those that are “fake”/”pretentious”. Learn to be genuine in your walk with God and strive to be an example of God’s love through your actions today. Actions hold more weight than mere words because most people tend to remember what people do more so than what they say. Make sure you live out what you believe and be genuine in all that you do as a Christian, Amen! I pray that this video blesses your spirit today and makes you think deep about where you stand as a “Christian” in today’s world. God Bless You Everybody 😀

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