Patience – The Much Needed Virtue

Hello Everybody!

Image result for patienceI hope y’all are having a great day! I particularly have been going back and forth with a personal issue with respect to my medically suspended drivers license. Sometimes, when you do the right thing and some people can’t get a certain thing done right it makes you want to pull your hair out, but this is where the much needed exercise of patience is required. Right now I feel like screaming because of the back and forth of doing a simple task is making me do much leg work that could have been avoided if people had done things right the first time.

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Anyway, with anything, sometimes you just have to sit back and be patient with the delays and what have you that are thrown your way. I’m a person that loves efficiency and when I don’t see it happening, it makes me want to throw something at someone lol. Ok …well, I’m not that dramatic, but seriously, it can be annoying when you do all the right things and then there are these delays that happen that test your level of patience. The African saying that comes to mind is “A blessing delayed is not a blessing denied”. I wish I could smile at that saying, but right now, that is not what I’m feeling. I’m a wee-bit irritated about the delay due to administrative mishaps, but there comes a point where you just have to let go and just chill…because fuming won’t change the circumstances. How you perceive the situation does. So writing about this makes me feel all the more better because that’s how I let off steam by writing things down to gain some perspective over the situation.

Image result for patienceDelays can make you feel impatient, irritated and possibly cynical or passive aggressive depending on what type of person you are; however, it is during the waiting period that your character is truly tested. I look at this situation and figured that this is not worth my energy to be fuming over. There are bigger fish to fry in this life and if small things can make you angry then, where’s that practice of self-control right?

A lot of things that happen to you in life are tests. We either fail them or we pass and graduate to the next level of trials and testing. If we can’t pass the small tests, then we haven’t got the attitude to handle huge trials. I think that in all that I’ve been through, I’ve come to realize that each day is a gift from God, and time is literally in God’s hands and the energy we spend on fuming over small things, could be put to better use doing something else that is more productive and stimulating for your mind, body and soul. The exercise of positive thinking is no simple task, but once you maintain an attitude of gratitude, you’ll see things and situations in a more positive light despite the circumstances. Compare your situation to others who are far worse off than you and you’ll see things in a whole new perspective.

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It maybe raining in your life right now, but after the rain ends there’s a rainbow that comes out when the sun shines down in your life. Take each day as a gift, learn to be grateful, patient, kind to others, and thankful to God that you were able to wake up to see a “today”. I am thankful for today and hopeful for tomorrow so in all that you do, always give God the highest praise, Amen! 😀

God Bless You Everybody!

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