In Your Presence – Meet My Every Need

Hello People!

Image result for God meet every needThere is a song I want to post today by William McDowell feat. Israel Houghton called In Your Presence. 

How many of you know that God is able to meet every need that you have in your life?

Sometimes we get disappointed when we don’t get what we want right away, but sometimes the things we “want” in life aren’t necessarily the things that we truly “need” in life.

Image result for God meet every need

We have to learn to differentiate the difference between the two so that when things happen we don’t get disappointed; rather, we should become more thankful towards God for giving us what we really  need rather than receiving things on the basis of our wants. Sometimes when we obsess over the things we want, we lose sight of what’s really important and miss out on what is actually right in front of us. Don’t take for granted the things that you already have in your life, so for today, look at what you have around you and regard what it is that you do have with respect and value, because some people don’t have what you have today so why grumble over petty things that aren’t important when you have somethings to be thankful for.

Image result for God meet every needLearn to live life with a grateful heart and do not covet after what other people have. There is nothing wrong with having a desire (or desires) to have certain things that other people may possess, but don’t turn that desire into an obsession fueled by jealousy of wanting what another person possesses to make it strictly your own. Coveting after what another person has leaves such a person to be ungrateful for the things that they already are blessed with. It will leave such a person taking everything that they already do have for granted and will likely cause one to mistreat the things that they obsess over simply because they regard things and probably even people as possessions and not as things to be regarded with respect and value. Do not become such a person!

Image result for God meet every needLearn to live with a heart filled with gratitude and self-respect. Give God Thanks for everything that He gives you and cultivate a spirit filled with gratitude so that you do not become a haughty, proud, self-absorbed and a self-entitled individual. Such a person can never be grateful nor satisfied with what they have and will always hunger and thirst for more than enough just to satisfy their own lust and greed. God did not intend for us to be this way. Rather, be filled with grace and cultivate an attitude filled with gratitude so that you don’t take what you have for granted. We need to learn that each day is a gift, so even such a thought should leave us to be humble and thankful for what the Lord has done to let us see another day, Amen! I pray that this song ministers to your spirit today. God Bless You Everybody! 😀

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