It’s time to LOL – TGIF

Hey Y’all!

I just had to post these two videos by the Playmakers who are Christian comedians that poke fun on stereotypical Christians in the church. Some of these examples are so LOL funnaaaay because I can identify some of these people in church. Anyways, it’s not to be taken too seriously. Enjoy these comedians and God Bless Everybody! 😀

Part 1

Part 2

2 thoughts on “It’s time to LOL – TGIF

  1. Not only is my pastor the Long Closer, he is the Long Opener, and Long Middle as well! When the previous pastor retired last year, he said God’s word would not change once he retired. The only thing that would change is the length of our sermons! That statement brought the church down with laughter.

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    • LOL Michele!
      I can identify with the long closer pastor tooo! 😀 I knew a pastor that loved doing that alot. Although these are supposed to be “stereotypes”, I think they really come close to the truth of how some people can be in the church lol. I’m glad you enjoyed these videos 😀



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