I Will Run

Hello Everybody!

I know that I have already posted some songs for today but this song by Tasha Cobbs called I Will Run is just so off the hook that I had to post it. It is so upbeat and I know that it will bless you. Just align yourself with the will of God and Seek His Face today. All your praise belongs to the Most High God! I pray that you enjoy this song everybody! God Bless You! 😀

The second song is called One Place/ I Love This Place also by Tasha Cobbs feat. Bertha Cobbs. This song is off the hook as well.

I have another song by Shana Wilson feat. Tasha Cobbs called Never Be the Same. It is such a great song and I know that it will bless your spirit.

The last song is called Let Us See Jesus by  William Murphy Feat. Nicole Binion.  This song is pretty off the hook. I now that it will bless you. Get your praise on Everybody! 😀

2 thoughts on “I Will Run

  1. Beautiful, while I was talking to the Lord a few minutes ago I told him I missed his pressence which s almost silly cause I am always with him. Then u posted this song and as I listen and sang I realized He was singing to me! Glory to our Lord ! Nothing compares….

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