Worship – I Need Your Love

Hello Everybody!

Today, I want to post 3 songs to bless your spirit today; the first and second songs are by  Kierra “Kiki” Sheard where the first one is called “I Need Your Love”. The Second song is called “Take Me There”. The Third Song is by Geoffery Golden called “Glory to the Lamb”. I know I usually post a maximum of 2 songs in a post but I’m in the mood for three today lol 😀 . I pray that these songs bless your spirit today. We need to know how to cultivate that place of worship in our personal lives so that we can learn to hear directly from the Holy Spirit. This is how you cultivate the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I need to be in that place of authentic worship in order for my gifts of the spirit to flow. This is how I am able to interpret people’s dreams and prophesy when called to do it by the Lord.

There is nothing worse than the sound of discord during a worship service. I’m not talking about playing the wrong note on the keyboard or some other instrument, I’m talking about when a worshipper’s spirit is not with the program of what the Holy Spirit wants to do because of pride, arrogance, anger or some type of negative emotion that causes one to be self-absorbed when they sing rather than focusing on God who is the answer to their issues. There’s nothing worse than hearing an arrogant praiser singing on the platform enjoying the praises of men rather than focusing on pleasing and worshipping God. I really don’t care how good some people can sing, if their cocky because they have “talent” but have no “heart”, then they are nothing but a clanging cymbal with no real harmony in their lives. They enjoy the praises of men rather than to give authentic praise that is due to our God.

I have been in a worship team where I encountered various personalities that would compete with each other on the platform and thought to myself “what’s up with this mediocrity?”. I don’t understand why people feel the need to compete with each other to obtain attention from the crowd who aren’t really concerned about how great you are at singing when all they just want to do is drawer nearer to the Father through worship. I was in a church like that before and the mediocrity I would witness in the worship team would often baffle me. Sometimes you keep thinking “These are the same people that go up there and praise in front of the crowd but behind closed doors, they are completely different people”. I shake my head. I’m not saying that people are perfect, but I think that when it comes to worship, people must really consider what the reason and their intentions are as to why they plan on joining the worship team in the first place? If it’s just to get noticed, then my friend you are joining something for the wrong reason.

Worship is a very Holy place to be if you ask me. Don’t join a worship team if your intention is to get noticed. You have to have the HEART of a worshiper; it’s not a place where one can pretend worship. The authenticity of worship can bring about healing and deliverance to a crowd of people that seek answers from the Lord. The authencity of worship can cause those who have the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be activated and flow in them naturally, it can also avert spiritual attacks from taking place against people because PRAISE IS YOUR WEAPON OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE. So whenever you face a battle, just remember that praise is your weapon. It is highly effective and powerful because it releases angels to come and fight on your behalf. Do not underestimate the power of Worship. It is a mighty weapon that can bring about your deliverance and healing in your life and in the life of others, Amen. I have posted 3 songs for today and I pray that these songs bless your spirit today.   

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