Feed Your Spirit, Don’t Starve it!

For some reason, I feel like I have to reblog this blog that I wrote in 2012. You’re identity needs to be strengthened by what you feed it. What are you feeding your spirit? Feed it with the Word of God today.

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Hello Everybody!

I know I have been kinda busy with Easter activities last week since I was involved in a Cantata that went very well by the way. We performed twice on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday and let me tell you it was warfare throughout the production but I believe we reaped a harvest of righteousness in that some people found salvation through the play (James 3:18). I was soo worn out by it all that I decided to take a break from blogging for a while just to rejuvenate and now I’m back and would like to share something with you today. I just wanted to share a thought that occurred to me yesterday when I was at cell group participating in an inner healing course, and it’s about how we view ourselves “Image-wise” in our walk as Christians in the Body of Christ.

The Word of God is living and powerful as it gives life

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3 thoughts on “Feed Your Spirit, Don’t Starve it!

  1. Sweet Sherline, yours is the 3rd post today deals with feeding our spirits correctly. I love how the Lord does this. And not feeding our spirits starts so subtly-at least that’s the case for me. Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Ghost and reblogging this post. Oh how He loves us! 🙂


    • Thanks Dulcinea. I’m happy that this post blessed your spirit today. I just felt like this message needed to reach someone today. God is awesome and amazing. I praise God for His undying love for us. We really need to embrace who we are to Him. God bless you sis! Love ya and Hugs 😀

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