Blogiversary Dedication to Grandma


Hi Everybody,

blogiI realized that I had just missed my 2nd year blogiversary this Past Tuesday Oct 2nd, 2013 because I had received heartbreaking news on the same day that my Grandma passed away in my country at 7:00am in the morning. My grandma is my mom and I love her soooo soooo much that I’ve decided to dedicate this blogiversary to her. She died in the arms of her loving Savior Jesus Christ. She was a wonderful woman of God who helped the church from where I come from  so much that even though she wasn’t well, she would handle communion and visit other people when they were sick. She ministered to the poor and the hungry along side with my Grandpa who participated in the Church as a leader that organized bible study meetings every week. She was a leader in her church  and community, and handled ministry with such due diligence, care and passion that she was truly a Proverbs 31 woman through and through. As one of her children, I declare that all Her children call her BLESSED. Today is her funeral, and many people from the church community are going as of this moment. Although, I am unable to be there at this time, I will visit her grave and continue on her legacy as the 3rd Generation of Proverbs 31 women.


With over 102.000 readers, I just want to thank all my readers and blogger friends for reading my posts and want to bless and celebrate my Grandma’s life with this dedication with this song by Tasha Cobbs called For Your Glory.

God Bless you Everybody!

I’m posting a song

11 thoughts on “Blogiversary Dedication to Grandma

  1. So sorry for your loss but congratulations on your Blogversary. And yes… Her children are called BLESSED! You are a blessed woman of God as your grandmother and may God pour His blessings over you and your entire family!!


  2. God bless your grandma, Sherline, and I bet she’s proud to have such an anointed and compassionate granddaughter like you! In the long run we don’t have to worry because our citizenship is in heaven! 🙂


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