Worship Weekend: Oceans

Hi everybody!

There is this song that’s in my spirit right now that I have to share and it’s from Hillsongs United called Oceans. I love it! I heard it at a youth conference being held in my church called Dunamis 2013.

The Youth are on fire and I find it a great joy to see youth so hungry for their Savior. God is doing a new thing with all of them that seek His face with all they’ve got in a world that’s saturated with compromise and non-God standard ways of doing things.

God is the Standard, and the voices that cry out His name in a world that tries to shut them up, will be the strongest ones that will be generals in this day. I have faith to believe that God is opening up a way in which the now generation is being built with a sword in one hand and a brick in another; born consecrated with the Word as their testimony and empowered to empower with the bricks they have in their other hand to build a strong foundation of faith in the ones that need to be empowered with the TRUTH.  The road of consecration is not an easy one, but it’s for those that will stand through many trials and testing that will see God’s glory be revealed.

Sometimes we can’t fathom how awesome God is in our lives until you see Him move mountains in your life. Right now so many things in my life have shifted that I am literally in awe of what God has done and is still doing. May this song uplift your spirit today as you think of the things that God has done for you as you practice having an attitude filled with gratitude.

God Bless You Everybody!

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