Spoken Word: Counterfeit Gods

Hi Everybody!

I love Passion for Christ Ministries (P4CM) for what it offers to the NOW Generation. So much talent with speakers that relate to the young generation and speak truth in a language that they can truly understand and relate to. This video that I am posting is a spoken word by Jefferson Bethke that really addressed the issue of how  modern day Counterfeit Gods (aka Idolatry) affect our relationship with God in a truthful poetic way. I know it will minister to you today.

God Bless You Everybody!

5 thoughts on “Spoken Word: Counterfeit Gods

  1. Ooooo!!! I have seen this guy on YouTube before! He speaks the truth in plain English to the young and old alike. I am blown away. God is using him greatly!! Thank you for sharing this Sherline!

    God bless you sis,



    • I’m glad that the vid of Jeff spoke to you. He is quite phenomenal as with the other spoken word poets that I’ve come to listen to on P4CM.

      It’s really Truth done creatively.
      God bless you Terra.

      Sherline 😀


  2. I love that line: Why trade deep joy for shallow happiness? This one is insane. Nyasha, great job posting this. I’m reblog it and see what people think. I love this. So true though. Trading God for man is like God offering water and you saying you love this sand.

    This isn truly something to think about and I admit there are some things I am guilty of now that I am part of the film and video production industry. A friend warned me that it being so easy to get caught up in updating ourselves with what’s going on int he media and lost in our work that at the expense of spending precious time with His Majesty, we seek to enjoy good rest with movies, games, or friends.

    Got to make God first. Got to make Him first.

    Thanks a gain Nyasha. Stay blessed


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