All the church wants is my money?

You need seed in order to reap a Harvest. Understand the principle. It is a choice to sow into your own miracle. When you sow by faith, you reap by faith. You let go of what is in your hand so that God can give you what is in His Hand. People just need to know what it means to give by faith. Always listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading before you give. I pray before I give and most times I’m told what amount I should give so trust God rather than being upset with man about giving. Listen more to the Holy Spirit’s leading when giving your offering to the Lord. Your offering is about your relationship with God and not man, so understand the meaning and the principle. It is a demonstration of Faith when you sow into your miracle.

Secrets Of The Winning Edge

One of the saddest things we always hear from people who come to our ministry for the first time is how shocked they are that we don’t manipulate or threaten or beg during offering times.

They are literally amazed that we only receive one offering in any service and that we tell people we trust them to hear from God and won’t put any pressure on them whatsoever to give.

Its no wonder people are skeptical about something as precious and awesome as sowing and reaping if they have been manipulated by all kinds of gimmicks and pressures to yield up their money, causing them not to get results as God intended, Their skepticism starts because they have been duped and played too many times.

However, divine prosperity is a closed loop. You can only tap into it through releasing what’s in your hand. Harvest will only respond to seed and you can’t pray…

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