We must know who we are really fighting against even in the midst of tragedy. Satan is not a respecter of persons. We all still need God even in the chaos and the confusion. Even if our hearts are broken…God is the only one that can put it back together again. May the families lean towards the Lord of Hosts as they remain covered in prayer.

God Speaks I Listen

Sandy Hook Elementary School

I put todays blog on Facebook and someone asked me..”Where was God yesterday?”  This is what I posted back:

(Let’s pray for those who are asking that same question….many are.)

Where was God during the shooting?  God was still on His mighty throne and knows all that has and is going on.  Why didn’t he do anything?  Why Katrina…Why 9/11…Why all the innocent people being killed tragically everyday?  Only God knows the answers to these questions.  God didn’t cause this nor did He ignore that they happened.  The culprit of the horrific things is satan.  There is no way in real-time that we will know why God allowed this to happen.  The bible is clear that God’s ways are not our ways and we should not rely on our own understanding of things.  He said we see through a dark glass now but one day we’ll understand the things that have happened. …

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Flash Mob: Christmas in the MALL!!!!

Hey Everybody!

Can you believe that we only have one more week until it’s Christmas? God is soooo good and I just want to give him praise. I found this youtube vid that I had already posted on my FB page but thought…nah it needs a greater audience. I love flash mobs when they have an important message to relay to people in artistic and imaginative methods. Check this vid out and be blessed everybody!