Revealed Glory

Hi Everybody!

I just feel like I’m in a state of worship and wanted to share this awesome song to y’all by James Fortune & FIYA called Revealed.

Have you ever longed for God’s Glory to be revealed? Even in this season of Christmas, I don’t see my Lord as a baby in a manger…He is the Glorious Christ awaiting for His Bride which is us who are on Earth while He is in Heaven. Worship is the greatest gift we can give the Lord more than anything in this world. Nothing else matters but Worshiping our Glorious God everyday of our lives. There are times when I have absolutely no words to say but just bask in the presence of the Lord. Just allow your heart and your spirit to be surrounded by His Glory. Yes, we all have needs….but our Father in Heaven also has needs from His children. He needs to know that We love Him. He needs to know that and the only way He can know this is through our worship towards Him. So when you listen to this song…wrap your entire being and worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. The Father is seeking us to do this for Him.

God bless you everybody and Remember to seek His Face so that His Glory may be revealed unto you. Enjoy this song! 🙂


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