Net-work Evangelism -The Power of ONE


Hi Everybody!

I’ve been wanting to write some things but haven’t had time for the past few days because I was part of a Woman’s Conference at my church that was absolutely phenomenal. All I can say is if you are around in Toronto next year, come on down to my church for the next conference. You’ll be blessed. Dr. Che Ahn and Dr. Sharon Nesbitt were our guest speakers and I believe many women were blessed by their words of exhortation and various truth encounters through the release of the Prophetic Word. Healings took place as people forgave those they had been harboring bitterness towards others. It’s amazing how something as simple as Bitterness can keep you bound from receiving divine healing. People, all I can say is, if you haven’t forgiven some people in your life and you aren’t feeling well in your body…you gotta let go of the anger, the hatred, and the bitterness and just forgive. Forgiveness isn’t so much about the other person, forgiveness is for you. When you let go of that person in your heart, you allow Jesus back into yours and He heals every part that was consumed by negative emotions, thoughts and deeds. In the Conference, people started to get healed when they decided by FAITH to forgive. Hallelujah! God is GOOD! AMEN!

So today, my Post is about Net-Work Evangelism.

Did you know that by ministering the gospel to ONE person you can change a NATION?

I know it sounds far-fetched for you to believe, but I have a video to explain my point. You have no idea what the POWER of ONE can do in your life. I talked about casting your net and respecting the easily cast-away fish by expressing true compassion and letting go of prejudice in one of my earlier posts. I believe that you should never underestimate who you encounter in life. Consider that the one person you speak to today is a door that leads you closer to your destiny. You may not know how many people are behind that door, but if you decide in your heart that as you cast your net in obedience to God and set aside your pride and your prejudice and seek to speak that Word of Truth into someones heart today, you not only save one soul, but you save an entire nation because of who that ONE person is attached to. I want you to understand that when Abraham and Sarah had Isaac, Isaac wasn’t just their son, he was a nation because of the generations that flowed after him. Every person is a nation, when you evangelize to One, you evangelize to a nation. This is how a GENERATION is saved in CHRIST. When we aim for that ONE person, we in fact save an entire GENERATION and NATIONS.

So today, consider that one person that you share the message of hope is in fact within the Net-work of Evangelism that can save not just a Generation, but an Entire Nation! Think on this today and GOD BLESS YOU EVERYBODY!

3 thoughts on “Net-work Evangelism -The Power of ONE

  1. Love it! You have answered a question that I was too ashamed to ask others. Did you know that some Christians judge the effectiveness of your evangelism by numbers? As in the number of converts? Crazy, right? This is just ridiculous…I’d rather do something that deserves a back pat from God than get consumed by working the numbers! The power of one! God bless you, Sher Sher! 🙂


    • “Did you know that some Christians judge the effectiveness of your evangelism by numbers?”

      Yes Margaret, you are definitely one point about that, but God always looks at our hearts in everything we do. It doesn’t matter what it is, we must have pure intentions for what we do, which also include evangelism. Though man may not measure your deeds with a just measure…God and the angels in heaven celebrate the ONE that has returned their heart back to the Father. No one should boast of how many they brought to salvation…rather they should rejoice with Christ for each one they were able to reach, however, all Glory and all Honor belongs to God, PERIOD. People should never forget that with whatever they do.

      Did you know that the power of ONE is One thousand. If one can put a thousand to flight and two can exponentially put tens of thousands to flight, than it just goes to show you that one is just as important as another. Everybody in this world is important but what I want people to undersand that the power of ONE is important because it is able to impact 1000.

      Joshua 23:10
      One man of you shall chase a thousand, for the LORD your God is He who fights for you, as He promised you.
      Thanks for commenting and bring that up. You always give thought provoking responses. Awesome stuff Maggie.
      Sherline 😀


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