Brilliantly written story by Lyn Leahz. It will definitely keep your soul in check as it did mine.


The following is not an excerpt from any of my books; rather, this is a short story I recently wrote. 


By Lyn Leahz ©2012

Note:  This story is fiction.  I wrote it to teach something to the reader.  May God bless you as you read this.

The day had been long, boring, and pointless as far as I was concerned.  I woke up, got dressed, rushed around to get ready, went to work, came home and did absolutely nothing at all.  I understand some days like this are nice, but too many of them aren’t.

I was raised a Christian from my youth, always listening as grandma and mom sat around and shared stories from their past, stories about God, Jesus, and the second coming.  Mom and dad had sent me to an old-fashioned Baptist church where the Word of God was hammered into…

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