Happy Blogoversary!!!!

Hello Everbody!

Today marks my 1 year of blogging even though the blog was opened up 2 years ago. It’s a milestone that I’m amazed I can even commit to this one thing. When I started out, I didn’t really think I’d be consistent with it, but honestly after the 21 day fast blog where I had to seriously discipline myself to blog everyday chronicling my thoughts during the fast, I think that truly helped me get my act together to remain consistent in this thing. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and 21 days to break it so the 21 day fast blog during the beginning of this year helped out in such a big way that I find it normal to blog regularly now.

I have noticed that my blog seems to go into a cycle of new seasons. My blogging style keeps changing with the times. It’s like I feel that everytime I am swayed in a different direction the theme follows that direction. It’s amazing how my writing keeps evolving. Started off with character building posts, and then onto fasting, then spiritual warfare, then my testimony and then about issues regarding intercessory prayer and then difficult topics that are less discussed and now it moves onto worship and evangelism. Moving from revelation to revelation and from inspiration to inspiration. It’s been an interesting year of blogging for me.

It still remains a journey of self-discovery for me, however, I did not really expect to garner an audience to my tales, thoughts and ideas. I think when I decided to make it more of a spiritual journey blog, I knew I had made the right decision. I kind of thought that it would remain as a personal online journal, but what I’ve learned in the bloggosphere after 1 year of blogging,  is that:

1). You never know who you’ll encounter – You meet interesting people with amazing minds out there that you may not encounter all the time in your daily walk.

2) Discipline – it takes a lot of effort to become disciplined at writing on a regular basis.

3) Imagination – I find that my imagination is still alive and well and constantly ticking with new ideas for creativity, I have a lot of readers and bloggers to thank for that.

4) You can look at yourself through other people’s eyes – through their comments.

5) Don’t underestimate your worth – Sometimes, I read amazing blogs that inspire me to write something to help someone else. There is so much that I learn from others through this beautiful social media tool that I see the world as limitless.

6) Always keep growing – I’d like to think that I as a writer that I am evolving as I continue on along emotionally, spiritually & creatively.

7) Last but not least – I thank God for the Blog. He inspires my writing the most and I am so blessed to find out how it has helped others. I didn’t think I would use it as a form of evangelism, but the world really is limitless now isn’t it?

Thank you all who read my blog for being an inspiration and I welcome you all to celebrate my blog party right here on WordPress! Have some virtual cake Everybody! Love Y’all!

15 thoughts on “Happy Blogoversary!!!!

    • Thanks Bpmuse! I’m so glad too have met you here. You are an inspirational blogger friend. I can’t wait for your blogoversary. Your writing keeps transforming each time.

      bless you!
      Sherline 😀


  1. Congrats Sherline, your writing has been such a inspiration that has helped me during my low times, and I am sure many others have been blessed in the last year as well and many more people to come this year. Keep up the great work! 🙂


    • Thanks Bro S^K!
      I’m glad to have met you here on Wpress. Your writing will definitely help others. One thing I’ve learned while reading other blogs and writing my own is that in our fragility, we must always remember we always need God. Life throws many curve balls at us but God always directs its course. in our humaness we can do things to a limit, but with God we can do anything because all things become possible to those that believe.

      I’m amazed that I’ve moved from crawling status to walking status as a 1 year old blogger lol ;). Thank You for your encouragement. God Bless you. Lookin’ forward to year two.

      Sherline 😀


  2. Congratulations Sherline!!! I can’t thank God enough for directing my mouse and keyboard, leading me to your blog. You’ve been phenomenal in strengthening my faith in God. There have been times when I just wanted to deactivate my blog, wasn’t sure if I wanted to talk about Jesus or just rant about my desires. I always come here to get the correct dosage to my ailment. The result: increased motivation and strength. You still need to put the book together (The bus stop man, lol). Refine it and I’ll purchase it. 😀

    Moving on, lol. Anyway, you’re a great person. When my friends were getting married left and right, almost convincing me that I needed help, you offered words of encouragement. I never thought I’d be worried about getting married because I never should be (kinda). But I just let others get to me and you stepped in with the words I needed.

    Your extensive study about God, Holy Spirit, and evangelism has prompted me to identify my areas of study. You’ve been very influential in my recent purchase of christian books. Lol I now have a mini library; although the books are on godly women, marriages, healing and so on. I intend to increase the diversity and volume pretty soon…when God blesses my pocket, lol! 😛

    Your honesty about your abuse struck me. It was then I decided (not fully) to talk about relationships and love…but it didn’t materialize until a few weeks ago. I’ve decided to put a name to my tales because I want more people to relate to my story about experiencing God’s love. You’ll read more about them soon 🙂

    God is taking you places, and I can’t wait to see us do a concert…a call to all worship bloggers out there in the nearest future. I mean it (I’ll inbox you for details and venue…lol). We need to do something…an outreach…something big. Maybe not this year, or next year…but it has to happen.

    Love you, Sher Sher 😀


    • LOL Margaret, I’m glad to have met you here sis. you are soo funny. I can’t believe you remember the bus stop man. I’ll get back to you on that one. So many things are happening right now that is making my schedule filled up. I’m blessed to know that your faith is strengthening. You encourage me in more ways that you can imagine. You make me see things differently. You’re one of my inspirations at Wpress. Keep writing and trust me you’ll find so much in life to write about. life is inspiration itself.

      God bless you hun and thanks for following and commenting and reading my blog. You are a blessing to me

      Sherline 😀


    • lol I forgot to mention Margaret, that God will bless your pocket, and you’ve got a gifting in your writing. You have an analytical approach and I love the whole idea of a blog concert for worship bloggers, that sounds so cool and I agree that it needs to happen. With God, anything is possible 😀

      Love you too Maggie! 🙂


    • Thanks Noel. It’s readers like you that make this whole blogging thing an enjoyable experience. Thanks for always visiting and for your thoughtful comments.

      God Bless you too.
      Sherline 😀


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