I loved this piece I put together today and felt like sharing on this blog too. 😀

Ramblings of a Creative Mind

I am amazed at how a songstress weaves a tune that gathers such great momentum to capture the gaze of an entire audience that yearns to be entangled in the web of her song.

I am amazed at the hue of a summers dawn that creeps ever so slowly over the precipice of the horizon as it ambushes the shadows of the night with its over-glorious glow.

I am amazed at the heat trapped under the rainforests floor that engulfs the atmosphere in every corner and yet maintains the richness of its color to every creatures home.

I am amazed that when we think we see dimly in the hidden crevices of our minds, it is only through our hearts that is seems we can see things as a whole.

I am amazed that imagination seems to diminish with time as we learn more about reality when it is ‘reality’ that is…

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