Just felt inspired to write this and felt it appropriate to share it here on my other blog. Enjoy 😀

Ramblings of a Creative Mind



The Watchwoman

Who are they that steal the gates?!

The Watchwoman stands on guard,  ’tis late.

A weapon in one hand and hour glass in another,

She watches o’er the City even through the midnight hour,

Knowing the forth hour is her nearing power,

to defeat the intruders that lay in wait behind the gates,

She watches the City till the mornin’ breaks,

Where the thieves and the murders that fill the City each night,

Come treadin’ beneath the shadows 

tryin’ to loot and plunder whatever has caught their sights,

with every foot that treads and every whisper spoken in the dark,

the Watchwoman looks yonder, she’ll protect her tower,

The City is hers to keep, no enemy will overpower,

When morning soon breaks she cleaves to her weapons power,

aimed at the scoffers, the rebellions known also as “the fowlers”.

She pulls the trigger to begin her victory,

as her adversaries cower…

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