Consumer Worship

Hi Everybody!

Happy TGIF!

Well, I hope you are all having a blessed week :D. I wanted to give you all a wonderful vid to look at today concerning how we view worship. Worship is important to me and I can’t help but notice that I seem to be having an ongoing theme regarding it. Like I said before, Worship is not a Sunday affair. It should be a daily practice that can be demonstrated in how you give of yourself and your time to the Lord. I hope people don’t have a designated 5 minute time slot for the Lord when He is always with you every single moment of every single day. Unfortunately, many Christians are giving the Lord the silent treatment acting like He’s not there so today, I would like for us to think about what you have done to show God how much you love Him. I sing about Him, I write, I give my time and money to the things of the Lord, I read, I talk about Him…God is always on my mind everyday. I pray that we also have Him in our hearts each day. Worship God with all of your mind, body and your soul everybody. God deserves our Worship 🙂 .

May this video bless your spirit today! God bless you everybody!

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