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Hi Everybody!

You must be wondering what’s up with Sherline and her blogging hiatus? Well, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks but I’m back and figured I’d do a unique post. I love quoting from amazing minds, but today you get to hear mine. Some are tweetable and some I have tweeted. Enjoy my random wisdom quotes from yours truly. Have a blessed day everybody. Let me know which ones spoke to you 😀

                                                             Sherline-isms of the Day                                                                    

God meets us wherever we are. Even if we’re sitting by a dusty road, He doesn’t pass us by without taking a hold of our hand.

Knowing that God is in us, ask yourself how many strangers have encountered Christ today when YOU passed by?

We cannot afford to be bound by Unbelief as Children of God. It’s way too expensive.

Faith doesn’t come at a discount price. Jesus paid it all with His blood.

Unbelief seeks to cap you with lovely friends called Fear, Depression, Hatred, Envy, Self-pity and Pride.

Faith takes you to the destination hence Destinies are tied to FAITH. Unbelief aborts DESTINY and DESTINATIONS.

Faith is a Movement. Unbelief halts and aborts this Movement.

Seek God to help you develop your FAITH MOVEMENT and walk with the Gospel of TRUTH as your guide to Faith.

We shouldn’t stop seeking miracles in a faithless world that is so used to the rational. Seek the unexpected & expect that it won’t be rational.

Command your morning each day and seek God to protect your hedge of Protection each day. Don’t allow room for there to be a breach.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to pull down strongholds and are weapons of mass restoration and deliverance.

The Helper teaches you to encourage yourself. Speak to the Christ in you the Hope of Glory for the joy of the Lord is your Strength. Use it.

Increase the number of faith steps in your life to achieve your miracle walk that will eventually become a race towards the goal set b4 u..

Every big achievement starts with careful planning and it begins with one small faith step.

If God can use Balaam’s donkey, than God can use technology to bring forth Revival.

Lets have a new thing happen. A Global Twitter Revival. A facebook Revival. A blogosphere Revival. God can use social media for Revival.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t need to Tweet or Facebook Poke us to get our attention because He is always talking to us all the time. We must learn to listen to Him.

It’s one thing to see something with your natural eyes, but it is another thing to discern something with your spiritual eyes. Which eyes are you using?

If Jesus had a twitter account, how many of us would Follow Him????

Don’t pray to God for stuff. Pray to God for His plan over your life. He already has the provision for His vision over your Life.

Open up your mouth and give the Lord Praise. Don’t let no rock out praise you.

We must get into the practice of saying “Good morning Holy Spirit” since He is a person. we must repent of giving Him the silent treatment.

Command your mornings by making sure that the Lord your God is the Alpha and Omega of your Day. You woke up to the Alpha so give Him Praise.

Because we are the Salt of the Earth we must always be in Season and understand the Seasons and add flavour to a world that lacks seasoning.

When was the last time you talked with the Holy Spirit?He is a person waiting to speak with you each moment.Won’t you join the conversation?

Without Godliness…there lies an empty shell. Seek out the Fruit of the Holy Spirit and be adorned in the beauty of its wisdom, Fearing God

Beautiful doesn’t mean Godly. Whatever is Godly becomes Beautiful just because of its Godly nature.

Because we are the SALT of the Earth we haven’t got time to Sugar-coat the GOSPEL OF TRUTH! Amen!

If You want Heaven to Touch Earth, then let what you do on Earth Touch Heaven!

To God we are a Holy Nation so clearly we must reflect the image of our Heavenly city, don’t you agree?

Being peculiar doesn’t mean being weird, it means being different, set-apart, distinguished, recognizable, easily identifiable and stands out.

Being Christian should be OBVIOUS. It shouldn’t be something that we need a flash light for to find you among the crowd.

Life is a great teacher, but not everyone is in the classroom.

Un-equal yokes don’t just happen…they occur after hanging out with the wrong crowd for extended periods of time.

Every person is a door & they hold a key that leads you closer to destiny. Respect each key given to you otherwise you’ll be locked outside.

Disagreement binds people, but agreement frees people. Find that person of agreement.

The power of agreement is such that it causes tens of thousands to be put to flight. Find that person of agreement.

As people are one revelation away from breakthrough, you are also one relationship away from it to. Find your person of agreement.

I love the fact that when you call on God, He answers. It doesn’t matter where you are, We never lose a signal unlike our cellphones.

The most important thing is understanding who you are in Christ. Declare that you are the Head and not the Tail. Above only & never beneath!

It’s amazing what people say when you just sit there and listen…

The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul…however, we hold the keys to the doorway of our hearts. Let Jesus in so that He can look through your windows.

Light is what we must be with a flavour of salt. 🙂

Don’t claim in the name if you don’t live in the name of Jesus.

Hope you enjoyed my tweetable Sherline-isms. Many thoughts and words of Wisdom. Have a blessed-filled-God Inspired day Everybody! Love Ya!

I have a song by Matt Maher called Your Grace is Enough. May it minister to you today. Registered & Protected

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