Inspiration Monday: Create the Future You Imagine

Hi Everybody!

Today I found this inspirational video that I’m sure will put a lovely smile on your face. I thought it would be good to post it here as a quick pick-me-upper for a lovely God Given Monday Morning. May it bless you today. Happy Monday and God bless you everybody!

10 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday: Create the Future You Imagine

  1. Brava!! Thank you for stimulating the mind this morning as we think on the goodness of the Lord for He had brought us into another day! We can make changes in our world if we put effort into making a difference! Blessings to you for sharing this sis!


  2. Thank you for sharing I’ve been going through a bit of a self pity storm lately pertaining to my calling and have felt like giving up more than once and so far every-time I feel like giving up God, places some kind of spiritual pick me up before me and today I felt like calling it an end to pushing forward with the calling God, has called me to do, while watching the video I became re-energized and encouraged to continue pushing forward.

    God, also place this Joyce Meyer’s video in my path today as well. “The Cure for the Insecure”


    • Hi Bro Slik,

      I just want to say that there are many things in life to discourage us…but that is why all the more reason to find reasons to encourage ourselves out of discouragement. The one thing I have learned in my daily walk with the Lord is this….We don’t need to work hard to be discouraged because it’s easy to give up…but we weren’t created to give up so easy…we were created to get up, get going, push forward running towards the mark…never giving in to the easy way outs that the devil whispers into our ears that I call “sweet-good-for-nothings” and pursuing the road of encouragement that conquers discouragement.

      Know that whatever it is that is discouraging you…you first have to ask yourself when you get into a negative thought pattern “Does this thought glorify God?”…if it doesn’t glorify God then we are commanded to condemn such thoughts and cast them down because they are vain imaginations and we are to hold every thought captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 10:5). The Will of God over your life is to Prosper you and not harm you and to be in Good health and always having a bright future ahead of you (Jer 29:11). Believe in that truth always no matter what discouragment is thrown your way. Conquer your thoughts with meditations that glorify God. Cast down meditations that do not glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. Positive thinking is your portion.

      Stay blessed bro S^K.
      Sherlne 😀


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