The Lord, Our Only Savior!

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Well I’ve been contemplating about what I should write about for the past few days because there are so many things that I’d like to say plus I’m reading a lot lately. However, what I can say is that everything can and shall be said in due season. Today, I decided to talk about the Lord who is our only Savior. I read a passage in Isaiah 45 which made me tremble with reverential fear for the Lord for some reason. I can’t explain it….but this passage spoke volumes to me. Let’s Read:

ISAIAH 45: 14- 25(NKJV)

The Lord, the Only Savior

14 Thus says the Lord:

“The labor of Egypt and merchandise of Cush
And of the Sabeans, men of stature,
Shall come over to you, and they shall be yours;
They shall walk behind you,
They shall come over in chains;
And they shall bow down to you.
They will make supplication to you, saying, ‘Surely God is in you,
And there is no other;
There is no other God.’”
15 Truly You are God, who hide Yourself,
O God of Israel, the Savior!
16 They shall be ashamed
And also disgraced, all of them;
They shall go in confusion together,
Who are makers of idols.
17 But Israel shall be saved by the Lord
With an everlasting salvation;
You shall not be ashamed or disgraced
Forever and ever.

18 For thus says the Lord,
Who created the heavens,
Who is God,
Who formed the earth and made it,
Who has established it,
Who did not create it in vain,
Who formed it to be inhabited:
“I am the Lord, and there is no other.
19 I have not spoken in secret,
In a dark place of the earth;
I did not say to the seed of Jacob,
‘Seek Me in vain’;
I, the Lord, speak righteousness,
I declare things that are right.

20 “Assemble yourselves and come;
Draw near together,
You who have escaped from the nations.
They have no knowledge,
Who carry the wood of their carved image,
And pray to a god that cannot save.
21 Tell and bring forth your case;
Yes, let them take counsel together.
Who has declared this from ancient time?
Who has told it from that time?
Have not I, the Lord?
And there is no other God besides Me,
A just God and a Savior;
There is none besides Me.

22 “Look to Me, and be saved,
All you ends of the earth!
For I am God, and there is no other.


23 I have sworn by Myself;
The word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness,
And shall not return,
That to Me every knee shall bow,
Every tongue shall take an oath.
24 He shall say,
‘Surely in the Lord I have righteousness and strength.
To Him men shall come,
And all shall be ashamed
Who are incensed against Him.
25 In the Lord all the descendants of Israel
Shall be justified, and shall glory.’”

It is indeed a good message in the Word, but I think for me…it was more that I read it with revelation and saw visions at the same time that made me Tremble with reverential fear for the Lord.

My friends, America needs to know that  the Lord is the Only Savior. With the things that I’m seeing going on right now… there is indeed a need for that nation to be covered by prayer and fasting. The inhabitants need to fast on a serious note…

This also means that where ever you live, seek God to have mercy in the country that you reside in. Do not by any means neglect to pray for your country of residence…because the stuff I’m seeing in regards to what is happening in the USA is due to issues of apostasy, complacency and a moral decline in our present generation as lawlessness and perversion is promoted on a continual basis through various mediums in the arts and entertainment industry and now in law… All I can say is that this is just the beginning for America if the people refuse to change their ways… If you have no idea what I’m talking about  right now, refer back to a previous post I wrote about called Witchcraft in the Pews.

Like I said before…there have been ungodly decrees that have opened up a heavy unleash of witchcraft and demonic activity in the USA. This isn’t to say that this is the only country experiencing this…however, if you consider the calamities that are being released onto the land at the present time, they are being  made manifest in the physical realm as we witness an increase of senseless violence and natural disasters i.e.  The Colorado fires, the insane heat wave that killed more that 60+ people around New Jersey, the 4 day black out in the east coast, the increase of storm activity, reports of sharks swimming closer and closer to east coast beaches, and now in recent news a shooting in a Colorado theatre at the opening for the movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises with 12 dead where one of the victims was an actual witness to a shooting that happened earlier here in Toronto in June of this year.   Violence is on the rise people…

Matthew 11:12
And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

I don’t know about you, but if there was ever a need for a nation to repent…now is the time to do so while you still can. I cannot stress this enough. People…we need to PRAY!!!!!! I know I don’t live in the USA…and it’s simple for me to ignore and turn a blind eye to a country that has nothing to do with me…but the way I see it… I don’t care where anybody comes from, as an intercessor…I find myself caring more and more for nations that are in serious spiritual trouble in knowing that the Devil is no respecter of Persons. When people open doors as large as the political realm doors to ungodly decrees….the people of that land begin to suffer. After living in a country some years ago that had or should I say still has such open doors to spiritual wickedness to afflict the people of that land because of the decrees and actions of certain corrupt political leaders, I can tell you I know what I am talking about. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about then I’d recommend reading a book concerning spiritual mapping by C. Peter Wagner called Breaking Strongholds in Your City. <—- I highly recommend this book to everyone.


The Holy Spirit in me has been grieving over what has been happening as of late. I don’t want the Lord to look down onto the land and say “I looked onto the land for the righteous and I found not even one”. As God-fearing Christians that we ought to be… I really want God to be able to say “I looked onto the land, and I found some. I shall grant mercy for MY people” . I’d much prefer that He saw many… however, I cannot ignore the darkness that I feel is sweeping over the nation. We cannot forget what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah with the way Abraham interceded ineffectively for God’s mercy against the people of Sodom & Gomorrah because of the high level of perversion and lawlessness that existed on the land. There was not even 10 righteous in the Land to grant that petition from Abraham to withhold God’s righteous judgment which was to be set against the land in Genesis 18: 16-33 & Genesis 19. We have to be more mindful and strategic when it comes to interceding more effectively, but we should intercede more in larger numbers of BELIEVING CHRISTIANS as the body of Christ since it takes two to be in agreement and whatever is asked in Jesus name it shall be done. However, the body of Christ tends to have divisions amongst itself…which is why repentance is crucial. We need restoration within the Body in order to be effective as intercessors for our nations.

So today… consider how the Lord is the only Savior  for all of us . He is a just judge and we need to cry out for God’s mercy in the land that we live in no matter where you live in the World. Seek to repent before God so that the Lord can hear the cries of the righteous in the land so that we can see Revival and draw back the evil forces that are trying to invade our lives by unrighteous decrees at a political level. The Body of Christ has to come into agreement in order for the Hand of God to move. Meditate on this today and seek God’s face today. As intercessors, this is our mandate to stand in the gap for our nations and the rulers of our nations. If no one is praying…we are basically handing our nations to the devil on a silver platter because of COMPLACENCY. We cannot afford to be complacent at such a critical time of this YEAR of Divine Government (2012). The World needs to know that Christ is the Answer. They will only see the answer when they see Christians mobilizing together in one mind, in one Spirit going before One Almighty God, Christ our Savior, all repenting in subjection to the Holy Spirit. Think about this today and pray, Amen.

I have a song from MercyMe called I Can Only Imagine. May this song Minister to you today. God Bless you everybody! Registered & Protected

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