Choices – Are we bombarded?

Hi Everybody!

I’ve been kind of busy lately and haven’t had too much time to write up a decent devotional and thought it would interest y’all to check this video out. It’s an interesting perspective regarding choices. I love listening to professors who get us to critically think of why we do the things that we do and how the choices we make shape our overall world. The questions that came to mind for me are :

Are we bombarded with choices that make us lose perspective of who we are? or is it that we haven’t learned to make the right choices which leave us so overwhelmed when confronted with numerous options? I personally believe that there are always right choices that we can all choose to make from the bad ones that are offered out there in the world,  but whatever choice we choose to make depends on the end result that we expect to receive after making that choice. I always think in terms of risk analysis and conseqences for actions when making a choice. What do you do when you think about making a choice?

Food for thought.  

Stay Blessed Everybody and enjoy this classroom video.

2 thoughts on “Choices – Are we bombarded?

  1. I am bombarded with political arguments all around me these days! I was reminded by my minister that God appoints ALL earthly rulers for His own purposes! Serenity returns, thanks be to God!


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