10 Lessons Believers Can Learn from Nik Wallenda


Until June 15, Nik Wallenda was an unknown name to many. Not anymore. Nik, an American high wire artist, has become the first person to walk on a two-inch tightrope through the mist over the dangerous Niagara Falls Gorge, 150 feet above the falls, a feat never before attempted! About a dozen other tightrope artists have crossed the Niagara Gorge downstream, but no one had walked directly over the falls, and authorities hadn’t allowed any tightrope acts in the area since 1896.


Nik Wallenda Nik, a born-again Believer, confessed that it never would have happened if not for his faith in Jesus. “I believe in a thing called unmerited favor. I believe doors were opened for me that weren’t opened for others and doors that were slammed were reopened.”

“I pray and I talk to God a lot and I find peace in that. That’s how I can remain calm when people would think I could go nuts during this whole process,” he adds.


Here are 10 lessons that Believers can learn from Nik, when walking their faith walk and fighting the good fight:

Read more here: 10 Lessons Believers Can Learn from Nik Wallenda.

3 thoughts on “10 Lessons Believers Can Learn from Nik Wallenda

  1. Love each of the ten lessons, as I have been privileged and blessed by The Father to experience the power of each in various ways in my 65 years! The part about keeping the tether on if so directed by the maker simply honors The Designer and the contribution made by our fellows towards the success of our journeys.


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