Are You Past Oriented or Future Oriented?

Hi Everybody!

I saw this video and thought it worth while to share because it has an interesting perspective regarding our orientation. I want to be future oriented but there are times when I see that my actions dictate orientations that are triggered by the past. Check this video out and may it make you think about where you are today. God Bless You Everybody!

7 thoughts on “Are You Past Oriented or Future Oriented?

  1. Hi Sherline, Youre in the Spirit. Everyones posting on this subject. However one word I missed in my blog today was the word you used “orientation” I like that!….


  2. Sherline, I think of that being past-oriented means we are often performing knee-jerk reactions to the events of our days, instead of walking forward with positive Grace into the Light of His Love to guide us into positive interactions with all that we encounter. Thank you so much for prodding me to think more deeply about this today.


    • Thanks Granbee. I love the way you put it. We must always be forward thinking rather that contemplaters of the past. Thanks for giving us your insight. Stay Blessed always and thanks for stopping by Granbee!

      Sherline 😀


  3. Oh I love this post and every bit of it is true!! Spiritual warfare is so real and I do believe deliverance is sooo needed!

    About a year ago we adopted our two sons from Bulgaria and one of them was under heavy oppression…until about two months ago when we finally got him deliverance!! PRAISE GOD! He used to throw up his food almost every day(no medical issues what so ever), bit the inside of his mouth and fingers raw, and was so full of fear and anxiety.

    However, ever since the deliverance, He is a changed boy. He is only 5 years old and we have not seen any more throw up or biting himself or anxiety. His countenance has changed.

    This has opened my eyes even more! And it was originally out of my comfort zone, but now I see how real Spiritual warfare is. Praise you Lord!


    • wow that is an incredible testimony! Praise be to God! Deliverance ministry is an important ministry and I find that it’s not a very welcomed ministry in some churches which I find to be a pity because people fear it for the wrong reasons. In the book “Let Our Children Go” mentioned in my other post entitled War-ship – We will sing Songs of Deliverance, I recommend that book written by Rebecca Greenwood just as something to have on hand for future ministry to your children as they grow up and encounter other influences. In the book I think it’s Cindy Jacobs who mentions in the forward that Christian counselling is important because it deals with the inner healing of the individual but it can only take you so far because there comes a point where you have to cast things out when the source is demonic in its oppression in Jesus’ Name. Thank you for stopping by and sharing such a wonderful testimony. May it encourage other parents to seek out deliverance for their children if they are going through things that they cannot understand. I thank and praise God that your children have God-fearing parents that will do whatever it takes to see them set free to soar in Jesus’ name. God bless you both.

      Sherline 😀


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