In Your Presence

Hi Everybody!

I just love worship and hosting the presence of God when I sing or put on music that fills the room. Whether it be in my car or in my bedroom, worship is where I want to be. Today, I have a song that I love and still love and I pray that it ministers to you today. God is Holy and worthy of all our praises. When I think of His Goodness it’s hard to tear myself away from His Holy Presence. If I had my way, I’d surround myself in a room full of worship songs that would run throughout the day and night and would never stop. That’s how much worshipping Him means to me. Heaven is always in an atmosphere of worship with the angels and heavenly hosts that bow down to worship His Majesty, His Excellency, His Honorable Highness. I’d like to be there right now and just bask in the presence of God as I cry Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty! God is soooooooooo AWESOME! He is all we need, Amen! I’m in so much awe of His divine Goodness that it’s overwhelming me that no words can even capture how I feel towards the Lord. I Love Jesus!

This song is by Lakewood Church called In Your Presence. May it bless you today Everybody! God Bless you Everyone!

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