Men need to know their place! Awesome post by Margaret!

Worship and Swag

In lieu of yesterday’s celebration of fathers’ day, I have a special for all fathers and every man hoping to become one. Today’s message is not from me per se, but inspired by an anointed man of God called Paul Shields. Yesterday, we celebrated y’all men but really the world is in need of real men. Not “The Avengers” style (I would admit this is kinda cool ;)) but real men that are staying in the places that God has put them in. With that said, I’m not here to be bashful but to offer some words of encouragement.

In my last post, Romance in the Church, some readers voiced their displeasure at Minister T’s attitude but stressed that the church is indeed the best place to find romance. I couldn’t agree more with you all so I decided to share my opinion through this post or more accurately…

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