Always look forward to the rest of your life rather than look back at your past. An insightful post by Sparky Laurie. Many Nuggets of wisdom!


Hi friends,

This week I would like to share some life lessons we could learn from a Car-ride.

1)     While riding, let the driver drive:- Sometimes while riding, it may appear to us that our car is closer to the other vehicles on the road than it actually is and though we may be tempted to express concern, we need to remember that the person actually behind the wheel knows best  and just enjoy the ride without distracting them.

Similarly, in life many times we may think we know what another person is going through and try to tell them what to do but the truth is that many times we just need to trust them and let them know that we are there if they need us.

 2)     Make sure that the fuel tank is full:- Travelling doubtful about the fuel level can be stressful. In addition, there…

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