Make a Difference

Hi Everybody!

It’s a beautiful Friday and the weekend is right here again! Wooohoooo! So today’s meditation is actually a motivational vid. Sometimes we think we have to do something grandiose in order to create a change but everything comes with small steps that make a difference. We can try to jump hoops just to make something big happen and fail because we miss a few steps that takes us to the target, but it all comes down to taking the time to gather enough information, resources and strategic planning in order to prepare you for something great. So don’t be discouraged with the little that you have. Look at what you’ve got right now and develop a way to use what you have to create a change. The little things count when it means making a big difference. I feel that this video is a good way of looking at yourself in a positive light. Many of the biggest changes came from small steps. We all have creative power we just have to utilize what we know and create something different. May this video bless you today everybody!


3 thoughts on “Make a Difference

    • Hi Gisela and Wolfgang,
      I’m glad that your vacation was fun. I will check out your site once I have the chance. Have a great day.

      Blessings to you both,

      Hallo Gisela und Wolfgang,
      Ich bin froh, dass Ihr Urlaub Spaß gemacht hat. Ich werde überprüfen, Ihre Website, sobald ich die Chance zu haben. Haben Sie einen großen Tag.

      Segen für Sie beide,


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