Atomic Power of Prayer by Cindy Trimm

Hi Everybody!
As you know I’m a reader and love listening to wisdom. I came across this prayer by Cindy Trimm in my time of prayer. She’s an author of the book Commanding your Morning and Rules of Engagement etc. If you hear this prayer…I think this is what we need to do in the times right now. We need to up our prayers right now and arrest those things that are contrary to the Will of God. Declare and Decree and listen to this prayer. Spread it so that you start to believe and intercede for your nations, your cities, your workplaces, your churches, your neighbourhoods, your family and yourself. It was soo powerful when I heard this and I want to share it here and spread the faith of this powerful prayer. We need to get serious and call out to our God to bless the land as we humble ourselves and pray for forgiveness and ask the Lord to Cover the land with the Blood of Jesus. Let NOT the evil one have his way over your nations and your lives. I am stirred to share this so May it bless you today in JESUS’ Name.

Full Version

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Part 1

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33 thoughts on “Atomic Power of Prayer by Cindy Trimm

  1. God bless you for this! Girl, you don’t know how many times I’ve played this in the last couple of days. Whoever thinks a 15 minute prayer is too long should listen to this. They’ll be begging for more. It’s my jam right now! Lol

      • This prayer has been a blessing for me. I had never herd of Cindy Trimm till I was desperate for prayer. I Google powerful prayers and it had several links to choose from. I choose her prayer Atomic prayer and it blew me away. I listen to it in the mornings and before I go to sleep at night. She is such a powerful women of God.

      • Amen Venessa. I love Cindy Trimm’s Atomic prayer too. I play it sometimes throughout the night when I can’t sleep and it has been a blessing to me also. She also has great reading material on prayer in particular her book called “Commanding your Morning”. It is a great guide to effective prayer and intercession and I’m sure you’d find it just as amazing as her prayer. The Atomic prayer is actually a cd that you can purchase on her website. The Links I have posted are only a small portion of what’s on the CD if you are interested in purchasing the whole thing on her site.

        Thanks for visiting and God bless you Venessa!

        Sherline 😀

    • I have a deep hunger for this type of prayer. We are living in the end times, and this is the
      ONLY type of prayer that would prevail. There is a strong spiritual battle that we are up against; and only these kinds of prayers can breakthrough.

      • Hi Jenny,

        I’m glad that this type of spiritual warfare prayer has encouraged you. I agree that there is a strong spiritual battle that we are all up against. May God continue to enhance your prayer life and empower you in your daily life as you seek God for strength from day to day.

        Stay Blessed sis.
        Sherline 😀

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  3. These are the kinds of prayers we need to pray at this time of human history in order to invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit in all spheres of life and to wage war against the forces of evil. Amen

    • I agree with 100% Paulette. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. All I can say is we need to step up on the prayer department if we want to see change happen.

      God bless you.
      Sherline 😀

    • I really don’t know. I tried looking for the words through google search but maybe you can try emailing Dr Trimm regarding that if you go to her website.

      sorry if that wasn’t much help.

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    • The Atomic Power of Prayer that you hear Cindy speak in this video is in written form? I have started typing this out bc I’ve been led to pray it every day but the task is very time consuming. If I can find it already in printed form that would be awesome but if not I’ll push through. I just would like some confirmation that THIS prayer is in the book if you wouldn’t mind…

      • Hi Tmara,

        I am looking for the written version of the atomic prayer. noone seems to help. I wrote Cindy’s ministry an email asking for the lyrics. They didnt amswer me. It is a shame they keep hold of it. Millons will be blessed with it. Anyway, if anyone knows where to find it. Please SEND ME A COPY

        thank you


    • Hi everyone,

      I am looking for the written version of the atomic prayer. I wrote Cindy’s ministry an email asking for the lyrics. They didnt amswer me. It is a shame they keep hold of it. Millions will be blessed with it. Anyway, if anyone knows where to find it, let me know.or Please SEND ME A COPY

      thank you


  5. I love this prayer, and if possible, is there some way to have the printed version emailed to me. Maybe someone can provide a link for me. I would love to be able to read this prayer for myself. If anyone can help me id appreciate it. Thank you and God bless

  6. I was looking for a physical copy of this prayer as well. It is found in her book, “When Kingdoms Crash.” Also her book “Rules of Engagement” has a dynamic prayer.

  7. First time i heared this prayer i didnt waste time i took my notebook ,joted the prayer down playing and stopping my dvd ,up until i wrote it all and it was easy for me to pray it because i spend time writing and listening to the prayer ,now i prayed this prayer for three years everyday in the morning and now i can pray it with my heart and its a weapon that i can not afford to loose and i will never stop praying ,i also bought some extra dvds ,just to bless other christians this powerful prayer

    • That’s awesome. Her prayer style is pretty amazing and it’s a great guide for each person needing a breakthrough in their lives. Ultimately though, we must aim to develop a strong prayer life for ourselves and create a strong prayer language too since prayer is a relationship with God as well. Thanks for sharing and God bless. Hope you visit again.

      Sherline 😀

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