Speaking through the Silence

Hi Everybody!

Today I have a song from Anthony Evans that is soooooo awesome! It’s called Silence. Sometimes  when we wait on God to speak to us to show us where we need to go, especially when we need some direction we have to understand that sometimes God speaks through us in the silence. Sometimes the answer is so plain and so obvious that it can only be found in the quiet, in the stillness and in the silence. We are activity-minded beings that find learning to be still to be a difficult skill to harness when we are so busy in our thought processes and are impatient in waiting for the answer.Waiting requires FAITH.

When we cultivate a heart that is ready to hear even in the silence, that is when we hear clearly. So today, learn what it means to wait, to be patient, and to be still because such an attitude comes from a heart of faith, obedience and humility. The microwave society that we live in doesn’t allow for such virtues of faith to be cultivated because we want instant results, instant gratification and instant answers to our problems, but we are not of this world, we are Kingdom dominionaires. We are Children of the most High God and everything that requires a divine answer from the Heavenlies requires a special attitude of grace to be patient, kind, long-suffering, loving, humble, still obedient and faithful to the very end. Let this song minister to your heart today and consider that in the silence, God hears the cry of your heart and He is faithful to those who are faithful in waiting on Him to respond. He will never leave you nor forsake you. God Bless you everybody! 


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4 thoughts on “Speaking through the Silence

    • Praise God for being with us even in the silence. Our hearts learn to hear His voice as will remain still in expectation to find rest in our souls as we wait for His words of encouragement.

      Praise GOD! He is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

      Sherline 😀


  1. I love this Sherline. Silence is like therapy for the soul. It is only in silence many of us come to grips with ourselves, and admit our weaknesses before God.

    I thank you very much for sharing. God blesses!


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