Speak, Proclaim, Decree into your Future!!!!

Hi Everybody!

I’ve been so busy these past couple of days that I haven’t had enough time to blog. I’m taking part of a Kingdom Enforcers Conference being held at my Church. Prophetic writer Jim Goll is going to be there who wrote the book THE SEER amongst other titles and Mike Murdock is visiting. I’m very excited about the conference. I’m not just attending it but I’m participating in it since I am in the choir and I am expecting a great visitation of God’s glory through this conference. I mention this because I may not be able to blog during this week, but I wanted to leave a note of encouragement today and say that in your lives you have to SPEAK into the atmosphere of what you want to see.

Decree what it is and prophesy with that creative mouth that God blessed you with. If God created the world by just speaking and He created us to be made in His Image and likeness (Genesis 1:26Genesis 1:27), we have the same ability to create our world by the Words that come out of our mouths. Some are seeking household salvation, Declare it so! Some are seeking healing in their bodies, Declare it so! By the Stripes of Our Lord Jesus, You are Healed in JESUS NAME!(Isaiah 53:51 Peter 2:24)

Use the Word and decree into your future. You have the power of words and Faith backed by the Words that you speak into the atmosphere. I am believing for much and will not remain satisfied of my current status quo until I see the fullness of Gods manifested presence in my life in all areas, health, finances, family, workplace and just my spiritual growth in the Lord. You have to learn to decree such a thing and allow the atmosphere to make it so.

Romans 4:17
(as it is written, “I have made you a father of many nations” ) in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;

Do not be discouraged by what you don’t see…when you speak by faith…trust me…you will see it like as if it were.We can get too distracted by the lack of manifestation…but the words we speak by faith is already preparing the way for the vision to be made manifest. You cannot give up until the words spoken out of your mouth have come into the fullness of its time. Everything made manifest must be done at the right timing and if we wait with patience we will see the vision but if we start to grumble and wonder“When is this thing going to happen when when when when!!!!!????“...we hinder the progress by our attitude and close our vision before it reaches its destination. This is a very key thing to understand people. Do not grumble but wait in expectation! Keep your faith alive is what I’m saying here folks. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and do not be moved by what you see. Always decree with the end in mind…and do not focus on the obstacles of the vision that you want to see made Manifest, AMEN! Press on towards the goal and fix your eyes on the prize!

Trust God and start to Proclaim, Decree a thing with the authority as a Child of God. Ask in His name and it shall be fulfilled according to His Will and Purpose for your life. See God move as you are moved by the HOLY SPIRIT. Speak into this atmosphere and allow your words to become manifested in the natural. Believing is Seeing AMEN!


God Bless you everybody! I have a song here to encourage you today that I learned in my choir for the conference. It’s called SPEAK by Myron Butler and Levi Stronger. May it bless you today AMEN!

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10 thoughts on “Speak, Proclaim, Decree into your Future!!!!

  1. Guten Abend.
    Alles gut gemacht Sherline.
    Morgen ist bei uns ein Feiertag. Christi Himmelfahert.
    (Feiertag der Männer)
    Gruß Wolfgang

    Good evening.
    Everything done well Sherline.
    Tomorrow is a holiday with us. Himmelfahert Christ.
    (Day of the men)
    Greetings Wolfgang


  2. “You cannot give up until the words spoken out of your mouth have come into the fullness of its time.” BIG AMEN to this! Yes, yes, and yes. Dear Jesus, behold this daughter who’s gonna keep knocking on that door until You open it! 😀


  3. So interesting, Sherline, that I was just pondering earlier about how our words shape the air around us and so move light or shadows (depending on the words!) into the paths of other people. I have been studying a lot about synchronicity of molecular structures and strongly feel this applies to our spiritual states of being in the universe. Bless you for this post–and may rich blessings and much light flow upon you in your exciting conference. I know the music will be heavenly!


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