Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi Everybody!

Well I figured I should do a post for all the mothers out there. Although it’s celebrated once a year, our mothers should be celebrated everyday. They are the ones who birthed us into the world and We have to honor them where honor is due and also we must Praise God for them being there for us in our lives. Enjoy this tribute to mothers everywhere, including mother’s to be. Stay blessed everybody!

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Happy mother’s day Sherline 🙂 You’re right mother’s day should be celebrated every day not every year!
    My grandfather told me that he used to tease his mother saying (in a funny tune) “My mother who carried me 9 months in her womb”, so she’d answer back “I would love to see you do 1 month of them” … Lool


    • LOL Mike that is sooo funny. Thank you for your blessing. I’m not a mother but hopefully one of these days it’ll happen when God finds my husband. 😀

      Stay Blessed 😀


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