The Infamous Knock on the Door

Hi Everybody,

Today I want to post a video regarding witnessing. In this video you will hear from Blair of P4CM.  She encountered some Jehovah witnesses that often knock at her door and you know…when they come to your door, the first inclination is to just turn the door knob and slam the door shut in their faces…trust me, I’ve encountered a few that were very pushy and felt like doing the same thing, but I want to flip the script a second and consider that this could be an opportunity to bless them with your faith. I remember 3 years ago when two gentlemen (they always come in twos) came to my parents door and my mum didn’t really want to deal with them so she said there was someone at the door for me and my sister, and I was like “who in the world is at the door for us?”. It was these two young fellows that wanted to talk about the “Watch Tower Society” and give us these magazines that they print daily…and I mean daily people. The funny thing was I had just done a report about Jehovah Witnesses for my Christianity in Context course at Uni and had some knowledge of what they were about. I felt like Father God had given me an opportunity to put what I learned about them into some practice here to test their knowledge of why they believe in what they believe.

I tell you people…research really helps when you want to witness to them. So they arrived thinking they could convert me and my sister (my sister joined in the conversation)…but at the end of the entire conversation, they ended up confused about their own faith in what they believed because Jehovah witnesses are following an incorrect doctrine by a self-proclaimed prophet called Charles Taze Russell who made predictions that did not line up with God’s word…and created a Watch Tower Society to suite his agenda. He is also said to be linked to the Freemasons which of course is a cult. It’s amazing that each time I encounter a Jehovah Witness they place such a great emphasis on the “Watch Tower Society” more than God in whom they should serve, that they do not realize how they over exalt this “society” over the knowledge of God. My talk with the two young fellows was rather interesting and they too were shocked by the level of knowledge and questions we kept probing at them. I think that to be effective at witnessing we must do our research… it helps out when we address them according to their knowledge of their faith as we speak about the knowledge of our faith.  They came trying to convince us…but left ending up feeling confused about why they did the things they did.

 Knowledge is power and it avoids confusion.

Check out how Blair handled her friendly visitors. Registered & Protected

3 thoughts on “The Infamous Knock on the Door

  1. I have to commend them though for making more efforts than I in that practice. It is great like you say, to be prepared and know your scripture well. We should in general anyway and I have to be so much better with that. Sadly, I could debate with a JH for sure, but backing it up with the scripture would be difficult for me as I don’t remember verse location very well. God bless always


    • It’s all good Scott. Sometimes just knowing the right questions to ask to make them think about why they believe in what they believe is good enough depending on who you’re dealing with.

      Stay blessed 😉


  2. No one can EVER have too much knowledge of the Scriptures! Respectful listening and thoughtful questioning is always a good way to explore beliefs and scriptures TOGETHER in harmony!


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