Spam Alert: Tinyurl SPAM alert!!!!

Hi Everybody!

I received a tinyurl message this morning from a twitter user that had a message which reads:  “There is a user saying bad things about you” with a tinyurl link attached to the message. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

I think this tinyurl link has caused my twitter account to be compromised, and I think the one who sent me the message is also frustrated that their account has been compromised as well. So if you get a message from supposedly me that has a message that reads above as follows, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!!

Also to clarify, I DID NOT send you a message at all…it’s spam coming from somewhere and I have had to change my password to my account. You all may have to change the passwords to your twitter accounts. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused everyone…I didn’t know that my account was hacked into so please be aware and assured that it was NOT me who sent such a strange message via email or twitter. I apologize for the confusion that this whole thing has caused.

Thanks everyone.

23 thoughts on “Spam Alert: Tinyurl SPAM alert!!!!

  1. Sorry to hear you have been hacked but it is nice to know I am not the only one they are saying bad things about! 😉 I go the same info in my direct messages a couple days ago, figured it was spam.


  2. I received 2 back to back from your twitter account too. I knew it was weird and likely spam. I did not open it! Sorry to hear you’ve been hacked Sis. Praying things get fixed.


  3. Thanks for publishing this post. Yesterday I received 168 direct messages from my twitter account informing me that someone is say very bad things about me. Whenever I clicked those links I was informed it was terminated as a spam. There was one from your goodself, asking for my username? Then, I realized this could be a spam. After that, another 3 messages from you. Take care and Best Regards !!!


    • J.Michel, Thank God you didn’t click on that link. I figured that I had to post this just in case some people didn’t know what to do. Spam and phishing is annoying but I hope no more of this spam it sent out to people. When in doubt, delete.


  4. I have received messages on twitter, saying the same thing…and from a twitter follower who is, also, following my blog. than you so much for posting this, Sherine…


  5. Thanks for the thoughtful headsup on this twittering spam issue! Many of us have been combatting this issue for months now, off and on. Changing your password to consist of characters and numbers completely different than any password you have ever used anywhere else seems to solve the problem!


  6. I got this message from someone on twitter the website was tiny URL and it said free iPhone so I clicked on it and then I gave them all my information to send me it! Is it spam?? But there was so many steps I finally just gave up! But I’m so worried because they have my information! Please help!


    • You might have to block the user that gave you the tiny url. You might have to also write down the url that you clicked on for future so that you don’t click on it again. Never give out information for so called “free gadgets” via twitter, email, and mail. They are almost always never legit. Change the password on your twitter account as well. I suggest you change the password to your email account as well just in case. I’m not sure what you mean by you gave “all my information” but if any of that information you provided pertains to your home address and email address, then you might get a lot of spam mail so change your passwords. Unfortunately, I can’t help you in the fact that you gave out information, but take note of the url and write it down so that if anything unusual starts happening in your emails or mail, you can forward the tinyurl to the police if necessary. Hope that helps.


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