Warfare Song: Never Wave My Flag

Hi Everybody!

I just want to bless you with an awesome song from Mary Mary called Never Wave My Flag. Sometimes when we are engaged in spiritual warfare or when we are battling the adversities of life, we tend to want to surrender to our circumstances, but I’m here to tell you, that You should never wave that flag of Surrender because that means  Satan wins in that situation. Determination and drive and the “I will never give up!” spirit is what we need to cultivate no matter what the odds. Now, I’m not saying it is an easy battle to overcome but if we choose to wave a Flag, it’s got to be one of Victory in Jesus’ Name! So no matter what it is that you are going through right now, Keep your focus on the Lord, for if He brings you to a place, He will take you through it too just like how He did with Moses. Moses remained obedient to the Lord despite the Pharaoh in his life that refused to let Go of God’s people that he was sent to Deliver. When you remain obedient in the Lord, no matter how many times the enemies in your life try to shut doors in your face, try to tell you “you can’t do something”, no matter what negative reports or rejection notices you receive, God is saying…keep going…because when you step out in obedience, the Red seas towards your victory will divide. When the Red seas in your life divide, God Conquers all your enemies in one shot. So stay strong in the battle for the battle is in the mind. And if the battle attacks your mind, it will also attack your heart and when it attacks your heart, it will affect your spirit and if it attacks your spirit, well that is where your faith is, so keep believing until you See GOD in your situations. Remain steadfast and consider that the battle is already Won when You believe that Victory is the end result to your Promises in God. Stay blessed today and may this song Minister to your Spirit today. God bless you everybody!

5 thoughts on “Warfare Song: Never Wave My Flag

  1. Sherline, thank you for this very encouraging word, which was a word in season for me!
    God always send us encouragers, just when we need it.

    God Bless, have a worshipful Sunday.

    Carole 🙂


    • I’m glad that it ministered to you Carole. God is always in His Children’s situations and circumstances. We just have to learn to believe that He is always there.

      God bless you this Sunday 😀


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