Breaking curses under such painful and traumatic circumstances. Read this heartbreaking and yet victorious testimony of one womans horrific accounts of sexual abuse. Only God can provide for such inner peace even in the most horrific of circumstances. Healing comes by confessing the truth of your experiences rather than remaining silent or becoming in-denial of them.

Love, Life, and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse

“You are not the victim once you start telling your story, you are the victor!” – Johnnetta Mcswain

Emmy Award Winning, Johnnetta Mcswain is a woman to which I hold high regard. I am not fascinated by her story. I am overwhelmed by the desire to cry without ceasing. Her story is one that is more common than I would like to acknowledge.

In the commonality of her story feel no numbness, we should feel every single painful memory, and experience with a violent commitment to eradicate child sexual abuse in families. The secret you keep is not a secret at all.

Here is a quick excerpt from her book: Rising Above the Stars

My Dirty Little Secret:

“My momma disappeared for weeks at a time, leaving us at my grandmomma’s house. This was when the sexual abuse started at the hands of my three uncles, and occasionally my great-uncle…

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  1. Yes, I celebrate with you, Sherline, Johnnetta’s breaking of her curse and her victory over the memories and after-effects of such horrible abuse! You have helped so many more than you can know through reblogging this post and these videos.


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