Praise your Wall of Jericho DOWN!

Hello Everyone!

I don’t know what’s happening to me but Praise has been in my spirit as of late and I just want you know that whatever you are facing…when you walk around your wall of Jericho that’s keeping you from your blessing, you just gotta give a SHOUT!!!!! This ain’t no mamby pamby shout with no power that I’m talking about here….you’ve gotta give it your ALL so that Heaven Shakes at the Sound of a child of God’s Cry coming from Earth straight up to Heaven.

If You want Heaven to Touch Earth, then let what you do on Earth Touch Heaven!

See those hindrances come tumbling down. No Weapon is as awesome as PRAISE and WORSHIP. Praise those walls down in your situation. Name that Wall, whether it’s divorce, sickness, joblessness, familial disunity, affliction, torment, drugs, whatever that wall is that’s keeping you and your family back from the Promises of GOD name that WALL and see it tumbling down with your SHOUT of Praise. Praise is a weapon of Warfare that is not carnal, it is mighty through God in the pulling down of all WALLS and all STRONGHOLDS in your life. Praise your way THROUGH to the BREAKTHROUGH!

Here is a Song to get you Started in your PRAISE. It’s gonna bless you trust me!

It’s from Martha Munizzi called No Limits! People Praise your way through to BREAKTHROUGH!.

14 thoughts on “Praise your Wall of Jericho DOWN!

  1. No Limits at all. I shall praise down my Jericho wall. Glory! Great stuff Sherline.

    Thank you very much for sharing. God bless you.


    • I’m Glad you loved it Noel. I always enjoy your visits my friend. God bless you this Sunday and forever.
      May God Grant you all His promises as he breaks every wall of hindrance in your life. Be blessed my His Presence in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      Sherline 🙂


    • I will be keeping your in Prayer hun. By His Stripes you will be healed in Jesus’ Name. Everything is at the Cross because Jesus is all we need. God bless you and thanks for Visiting. I missed you a lot willofheart. Stay blessed by God’s Grace, Love and Mercy today and forever 😀



  2. Thanks Mam! God bless you real gud….Praise is truly a sure way to enjoy a stress free victory, that is why i have made up my mind like David in Psalm 34 v1 that I will bless the lord at all times,His praise shall continually be in ma mouth……Do have a blissful month


  3. With my ol’ downhome cow-callin’ voice, this girl can sure SHOUT with you and bring down those evil ol’ walls, whereever they appear on any of our roadways through life! The trumpets blow and we SHOUT, dear Sherline!


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