Why is Good Friday called “Good Friday”?

Have you ever wondered why Good Friday was called “Good Friday” when that is the day Christ is remembered for being Crucified for our transgressions on the Cross? It makes you wonder doesn’t it that why such a day is GOOD when He, Our Jesus was stripped naked, beaten, and bruised for our transgressions? Watch this video and you will understand the Irony of why Good Friday, the day we remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is in fact a Good day that we call Good Friday. Be Blessed Everybody!

8 thoughts on “Why is Good Friday called “Good Friday”?

  1. I was always told, when I fretted over this as a child, that it was a VERY Good Friday because it was the Friday that the sacrifice was made for us all, to bring salvation for all who chose to accept this gift.


  2. wonderful….I love your post and video. Interesting comparisons. What was bad for him turned out for our good.. what a man!
    God bless you my sister


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