God’s Pattern vs. the World’s Pattern. A fresh prespective on how we do things.

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Shuv It . By Paul B Thomas
Available for kindle on Amazon. and for Ipad Iphone c and other devices by using the kindle app

Shuv It

By Paul Thomas

From Gift to Shift

By Paul B Thomas

31 chapters including:
What’s your madness level?

  • Dont park at being good
  • Become valuable
  • Think Big in small places
  • Keep the door big and the enemy small
  • Celebrate our own work first
  • Win before you start
  • Between Gift and Shift you have the leap
  • Risk everything hold onto nothing

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  1. The original brand of Christianity, the original form of “the church” I often find in the church of the wildwood, the soup kitchens, the lakeside revivals, the river baptisms–AMEN!


    • I want to see REVIVAL. That is the whole idea of the Church. We need to see a revival, especially this year! We may not have lakesides here but there’s nothing more awesome than a modern day revival which is what we have yet to see, but we will experience it by faith, AMEN!


    • Aww thanks Paul. There are so many great minds that I feel the need to share here on the blogosphere. I feel more like God connects me to such people and that is why I share Christ-like Knowledge with other Christ-like minds. 😀


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