Take Your Pride Test

Check this out!!! It is so important to do this self analysis everyday. This is a post re-blogged from Shyju Matthews Ministries. It will bless your heart today as you check yourself so that you don’t wreck yourself.

A Sweet sample of the questions asked:

For those who could not watch it, here are the notes of the same.

Give 1 point to each of the questions you answer ‘yes’ to.

1. Do you long for a lot of attention?

By being dramatic? By being needy, desperate? By being pushy, demanding? By getting all the attention?

2. Do you become jealous or critical of people who succeed?
Are you negative of everyone who succeeds? I could do better than them feeling? Start with humility.

3. Do you always have to win?

Continued @ Take Your Pride Test.

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