2012 Gospel Music Power Up Conference Experience

Toronto Mass Choir

Toronto Mass Choir @ Kennedy Road Tabernacle

Hi everybody,

I just want to say that I went to a conference and thought the whole journey was phenomenal. As you already know, I love worship like you cannot believe. It is one of those things that if I lived in a perfect world, I’d rather bask in a room full of it for the rest of my life and survive on that. It was just awesome. The Power Up Conference is hosted by the Toronto Mass Choir. I have a few Pics and Vids I wanna share. It was sooo awesome and they are planning a missions trip to Romania for this Summer. More about them can be located at this link here http://tmc.ca/powerup/. It was an awesome atmosphere of Praise and Worship and I am just soo blessed to be a part of something like that. It was an amazing workshop that had over 200 participants attend. One lady actually flew all the way from Japan just for this workshop hosted in Toronto and she’d only been in Canada for less than 5 months wanting to be a part of this 3 day workshop. God is GOOD! It’s amazing how people from the outside are drawn to places and opportunities to praise and worship God and do what it takes to get what they are looking for. They know the value of it that for us it’s like what Karen Burke (the co-founder and director of TMC) said, “it’s cotton candy to us because it is so readily available”. If we only had the same hunger for worship like others did, we wouldn’t take things like that for granted.

I have lived in a country where worshiping God was out of the question and mass persecution would result if found worshiping God openly and blatantly. People of the West, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW GOOD YOU HAVE IT HERE! Sorry but I had to make that shout out come out loud and clear. You are free to worship God here but yet we try to remove Him in our schools, our politics and other different areas of our lives whereas people outside who aren’t as free to have such choices as we do, want to worship the Lord as freely as we can and yet we shun the Lord Jesus and still wonder why the economy is going through some serious rough patches. Praise is a divine weapon, Worship is a divine weapon, it should be our garments that we wear everyday, but some of us put our Sunday’s best on Sunday and shelf it after Church is done. God isn’t impressed with the lukewarm, convenient Christianity friends. We cannot afford to be like that. God wants us to involve Him in our lives but we can’t see the implications of removing Him from it until HELL literally breaks loose on us. Do you really want to kick God out of your life only to OPEN the DOORS for Satan and his party to wreak havoc in your Life? In the end, the choices that we make are up to us and no one else. We are all accountable for our own actions. Think about that and consider that Jesus isn’t a Sunday clothing outfit, He is your daily Garment of Praise! We should wear Him with no Fear and Shame, AMEN!

Here are some of the Pics I took last night. It was phenomenal People!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We Learned 4 Songs in a course of 6 hours split up between two days. Friday being the first day for 2 hours and then Saturday we had two sessions, one in the morning for 2 hours and then later on in the afternoon for another 2 hours. We learned by ear without music and lyrics in front of us and presented this music last night for the congregation of Kennedy Road Tabernacle. Now I wanted to give you a video of the TMC in action and I did upload to YouTube but the picture is not coming out right so I might post it on my facebook blog page instead, so look out for that.

The Songs we learned were:

Great and Mighty – Joe Pace

He Knows – Edwin (Walter)  Hawkins

Praise is what I Do – Shekinah Glory

Winner – V.I.P. Mass Choir (John P. Kee)

Since the videos I have don’t seem to work quite right on YouTube, I decided to give you a vid of Great and Mighty by Joe Pace. It was such an awesome song to learn and very uplifting. May it Bless You Today!

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12 thoughts on “2012 Gospel Music Power Up Conference Experience

    • Thanks you PJ! I hope I do too. It was a phenomenal weekend and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. I love being drowned in worship. It’s the most peaceful place for me. 😉 Stay blessed hun.


  1. Your are so right my sister the West takes it for granted their freedom to praise. I think many Christians know this, But probably mis- understimate the powers that be, shifting times and seasons that can quickly take this freedom away…


    • I hope that never ends up being the case Paul. I seriously and sincerely hope not! You bring a humbling thought to the table though in that we assume that this level of freedom will always remain available to us but the climate is swinging in so many directions that we are left with this uncertainty that we cannot afford to take for granted what we already have in our Hands and within our reach. Only God can sustain us during these tulmultus periods and that’s why we must praise Him and Worship Him in both the Good and bad times and in Spirit and in Truth. The Truth allows for Freedom. silencing the Truth, shunning it and disregarding it takes us away from that level of freedom. Food for thought my friend, Food for thought.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment Paul.
      Stay blessed.


  2. I do love that Joe Pace song! And, yes, Sherline–most people living in The West certainly do not know how blessed they are to have protected freedom of religion and worship!


  3. this is lovely post Sherline, I love all the photo’s shared and you’re right although I am not one of the person go on worshiping as often but I do agree to u that … We should wear Him with no Fear and Shame,….. absolutely Amen…


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