The Lie of “Almost”

I just found this awesome awesome vid and I know I need to share it since my whole theme as of late has been about repentance, reconciliation, redemption in Christ. Let us understand that the Devil has no problem with us denying our weaknesses. It is equivalent to denying the truth and that is also equivalent to a lie. Lies are what keep us from receiving the truth. Lies are what keep us from being set free by the Truth. Lies are what bind us in Chains. Lies are what keep us from receiving the Love of the Father because Lies Hate TRUE Love which is Agape = God is Love. Lies also loves those that deny The Truth and accept the Lies = from the Devil. God wants us NOT to be “ALMOST” people, but to be “COMPLETE” people. Ask yourself today, are you willing to be COMPLETED by the Truth or to be ALMOST lost in believing the Lie? Jesus wants you Complete, the devil wants you to think you are almost complete, but you aren’t complete when you choose to side with that which denies the truth. Meditate on what is right, do what is right and pursue what is right in your life. Work on it and God will COMPLETE you! Think on this today as you check out this amazing TRUTH Poet I just landed across from YouTube. Stay Blessed EVERYONE!

5 thoughts on “The Lie of “Almost”

  1. Jesus died on that cross for the WHOLE person that I am and that you are–not the one left unwhole in denying the truth of our other parts that are not perfect. Jesus said, “None is good but the Father”. So were are set free and completely saved by claiming the whole truth about ourselves!


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